Similar incidents can take place with other personal electronic devices as well, like laptop computer, radios, and gaming systems. For this reason, Marshall Islands provide information, aiming to raise awareness regarding the potential fire risk posed using personal electrical devices on board.

Fires involving personal electronic devices have been attributed to the following causes:

  • Inappropriate use of an electronic device;
  • Use of defective electronic devices and extension cords;
  • Overloading an extension cable or multi-outlet adapter;
  • Overloading electrical circuits by plugging too many devices into a single outlet;
  • Storing combustible materials (such as paper and clothing) on or under electrical devices.

Due to these incidents, Marshall Islands suggests that:

Ship managers review and revise their Safety Management Systems, in order to ensure that they are able to limit fire risk due to personal electronic devices.

Ship managers should also send a safety bulletin to all vessel in their managed fleet addressing the following:

  • Ship management’s requirements relating to the use of personal electronic devices onboard;
  • The risks posed by using unauthorized or defective electronic devices;
  • The necessity to unplug electronic devices when unattended or not in use;
  • Inspecting electronic devices and associated cords prior to use;
  • Not storing flammable or combustible materials on or under electronic devices;
  • Ensuring that voltage and frequency of an electrical device is compatible with the ship’s electrical system.

Finally, Masters should carry out a special safety meeting to review the safety bulletin issued by ship management and emphasize the responsibility of all crew for fire prevention efforts.