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ATSB investigation: Bulk carrier grounding after electrical blackout

The Panamanian-flagged bulk carrier Bulk India ran aground in 2018 in a channel during its departure from Dampier, Western Australia when it lost steering and propulsion due to a total electrical blackout from a failed generator. The ATSB issued an investigation report on the incident.

NTSB investigation: Collision linked to lack of early communications

NTSB issued an investigation report on the collision between the bulk carrier Century Queen and the towing vessel Kaytlin Marie on the Lower Mississippi River off Louisiana, in June 2019. The investigation highlighted lack effective communications to confirm a passing arrangement as key cause of the collision. 

MCIB investigation: Double grounding leads to fishing vessel sinking

Ireland’s MCIB issued an investigation report on the grounding and sinking of the fishing vessel ‘FV Dillon Owen’ in Ardglass Harbour, in October 2019. The report identified several safety issues, including lack of a formal passage plan, failure to observe the harbour’s navigation aids and the watchkeeper’s loss of spatial awareness. 

UK MAIB investigation: Loss of containers attributed to improper stowage plans

The UK MAIB issued an investigation report on the loss of containers from the ship Ever Smart in October 2017. The investigation highlighted a combination of factors resulted in a loss of integrity for the whole deck cargo bay; in particular, the containers were not stowed in accordance with the cargo securing manual and container lashings might not have been secured correctly.

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