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Lessons learned: Crew fatality during tank cleaning

Transport Malta’s MSIU issued a report on the fatality of two crew members onboard the chemical tanker ‘Key Fighter’ in September 2018. The two crew men fell from a height which led to fatal injuries. It was not excluded that the cause of death could have been either H2S gas intoxication or suffocation due to lack of O2.

Fire dust blown away during firefighting waterline check

IMCA discusses an accident when a fire dust cap was blown off by pressure from the line and hit the wall 10 metres away. The pressured dust cap although caused a small fraction to the wall, it didn’t injure any of the crewmembers.

Lessons learned: Enclosed space fatality

In its latest ‘Lessons learned’ article, the UK P&I Club analyzes an enclosed space fatality onboard a bulk carrier. The investigation found that the void space, where the fatality occurred, had not been opened for about 6 months and was not fitted with any natural ventilation.

Lessons learned: Smouldering coiled extension cable

While ventilating a manhole in the engine room, the fire alarm was triggered when an electrical extension lead overheated, melting the insulation and started smouldering. Investigations confirmed that the electrical extension lead was not laid out in the correct manner and was still around 80% coiled.

Lessons learned: Epoxy overheating

IMCA shared lessons learned from a near miss fire caused by epoxy overheating. Following investigation , IMCA highlighted that chemical storage should always be in accordance with any local regulations and each chemical storage area should have a specific and separate risk assessment.

Crew overboard fatality linked to alcohol

The Hong Kong Marine Department issued a merchant shipping information note to share lessons learned of a man overboard fatality involving a Hong Kong-registered bulk carrier. The deceased was under the influence of alcohol when he went overboard. 

Lessons learned: Alcohol contributes to fatal fall onboard

The Hong Kong Marine Department issued a merchant shipping information note to urge for caution and share lessons learned from a recent fatal fall of a bosun from stairway onboard a Hong Kong-registered bulk carrier. The autopsy showed the bosun was drunk when he fell. 

Lessons learned: Possible bottom contact

TSB issued an investigation report on a possible bottom contact involving the bulk carrier ‘Maccoa’ in Kahnawake, in November 2018. TSB noted that when a Seaway lift bridge cannot be raised to allow the vessel to pass, the vessel’s master must take appropriate action to avoid passing the limit of approach sign. 


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