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Over 1,000 failures reported in Gulf of Mexico rigs in 2017

Through its SafeOCS program, the US BSEE released its annual report Blowout Prevention System Safety, informing that through 2017, 18 of 25 operators associated with rig operations in the Gulf of Mexico reported 1,129 equipment component failure events, which represents a decrease from 2016. 

Broken valve causes oil spill while bunkering

In its Monthly Safety Scenario for July, the Swedish Club describes a case of an oil spill during a vessel’s bunkering operations. Following investigation, the Club recommended that all involved parties should be informed when tanks are switched and that crew should always ensure the valves are completely shut and working.

Tips to address the risks of icing on fishing vessel stability

On the aftermath of the sinking of the fishing vessel ‘Destination’ with loss of six crewmembers, the NTSB issued a safety alert highlighting how icing can dangerously degrade a vessel’s stability. The investigation showed that the vessel likely capsized at night in rough seas and gale force winds due to topside ice accumulation.

Improper maintenance causes failure to UPS

A fire alarm was sounded after smoke was discovered coming from a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) room supplying power to remote valves. As IMCA informed, the planned maintenance procedures for UPS had not been followed, which is a key fact to the incident.

Hand flares accidentally activated due to neglected safety procedures

During a ship dry dock smoke was noted. After investigation, it was noted that the smoke was coming from a forepeak store. The smoke came after yard personnel accidentally activated hand flares, IMCA informed. The appropriate procedures were not followed, something that contributed greatly to the incident.

Lack of proper procedures lead to severe engine failure

IMCA informed about a severe engine failure during a major vessel overhaul. Namely, the connection rod on a cylinder parted from the connecting rod cap and created a hole in the engine block. The engine had been operating for 17 hours, carrying approximately a 20% load.

Poor air circulation causes fire to deep freezer on board vessel

In the latest report by IMCA, fire was detected on board a ship. The vessel was carrying two deep freezers, which were about to go to a platform, when fire broke out in one of them. The deep freezers should have been placed in such a way in order to allow adequate air circulation during transit.

Lessons learned from hangar door failure and collapse onboard

In its latest Safety Flashes for July, IMCA describes a failure of moonpool hangar doors onboard a ship, while she was underway. IMCA notes that hangar doors were not part of the recommended planned maintenance system, and it was not possible to inspect the suspension points holding the door leaf.

EMSA supports PSC training in Turkmenistan

A Tutoring Project on Port State Control took place in Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan, on 2-6 July, within the technical assistance which EMSA provides to European Neighbourhood Policy countries under the Black and Caspian Sea Regions Project.

Towboat sinks as pilot fails to identify navigation hazard

NTSB released its report on the ground of the towing vessel Eric Haney, on the Mississippi River, on July 8, 2017. When the vessel ran aground all crewmembers climbed aboard one of the empty barges without any reported injuries. The barges broke free, and the Eric Haney partially sank. Minimal oil sheening was noted after the sinking.


Are the vessels’ crew members aware enough of the new requirements of STCW Convention?

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