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Tankers to the rescue again: a solution to storage woes

The Standard Club’s loss prevention (LP) department comments on how this current crisis in oil prices coupled with the fall in demand has pushed several oil producers, traders and consumers to stock up, leading to a shortage in storage space for oil, not just crude but even clean products such as aviation fuel and gasoline.

TAIC investigation: Crew fatally struck while securing logs

New Zealand’s Transport Accident Investigation Committee (TAIC) issued an investigation report on the crew fatality during cargo-securing operations onboard the bulk log carrier Coresky OL, while at Eastland Port, Gisborne, in April 2019. 

Lessons learned from collision in Dangan channel

The Hong Kong Marine Department issued marine notice to draw the attention to ship operators to lessons learned from a collision between a fishing vessel and an oil tanker in Dangan Channel.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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