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Crew wellbeing is the key to right service delivery

V. Group highlights the importance of wellbeing onboard, highlighting a healthy life onboard positively affects the customers, as seafarers will be happy conducting their work and the results will be positive. Therefore, the company announced that they will celebrate seafarers throughout the year, referring to ways that can improve their mental and physical wellbeing onboard.

Best practices beyond compliance

During the first SAFETY4SEA Forum in Manila, Mailyn Borillo, President, OSM, discussed the human element, sharing best practices beyond compliance, further…

Court decision confirms narrow turnover duty of owners

Recently, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has reiterated the narrow scope of the turnover duty on a claim brought by an injured longshoreman related to an incident that occurred in the Port of Savannah. Specifically, in Purvis, a longshoreman was injured when an open manhole cover latch fell on his head as he ascended through the manhole for at least the second time.

New initiative improves experience for crews calling Port of Barcelona

With the support of Port Authority of Barcelona, Barcelona Port Welfare Committee (PWC) has started organizing ‘dock experience’ meetings between seafarers and port representatives on the dock of a terminal. This is a way to improve the experience of crews calling in the port.

Nautilus reports ‘unpaid wages’ as top complaint for 2019

Nautilus reports that the top complaint they have been receiving by members through its helpline for 2019 was the issue of unpaid wages, an issue that is seriously affecting seafarers onboard. It is stated that in addition to unpaid wages, other issues that seafarers faced were unfair dismissals and bullying onboard.

ICS: How to tackle age discrimination onboard

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) published a report providing guidelines to the shipping industry of how to tackle age discrimination onboard, highlighting that in many jurisdictions age discrimination is unlawful and can create problems.

Stakeholders submit paper to IMO on fair treatment of detained seafarers

Recently, shipping stakeholders submitted a paper to the IMO proposing the addition of a new output under the work program on Fair treatment of seafarers detained on suspicion of committing maritime crimes. The paper highlights that in some cases the master and the crew may not be aware of their vessel being involved in smuggling activities

PCG rescues injured crew from Chinese cargo vessel

According to a recent statement, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) recently rescued an injured crew of a Chinese cargo vessel “MV Wuzhou 8” along the vicinity waters off Corregidor Island, Cavite. According to the initial investigation, on Sunday, January 12, a Chinese crewmember accidentally fell into the cargo hold and suffered a head injury while on duty.

ITF rescues seafarers from Mozambique

10 Kenyan seafarers who had travelled to Pemba, Mozambique through Tanzania in August 2019, in order to work on the EU-bound vessel MV Nina were recently rescued by the ITF. The seafarers arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, Tuesday, January 7, prior to traveling home to Mombasa.

Unions demand Dockers’ Clause full support

Dockers unions, shop stewards and legal advisors met in Rotterdam, forming a team of legal advisors ensuring that the Dockers’ Clause that entered into force in Europe and Canada on January 1, 2020 will be correctly implemented.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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