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Maritime experts pressure Nigerian Government to pass policy on ship ownership

Because of the lack of locally owned vessels that operate in global waters, the sea time training for Nigerian seafarers has been negatively affected. Therefore, Vanguard reports that the Nigerian Federal Government has been charged by maritime experts to put forward policies in order to increase Nigeria’s ship owning capacity.

MLC amendments 2016 on crew welfare enter into force

The second set of amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) for improving crew safety and welfare have entered into force, as of 8 January 2019. The amendments, agreed in 2016, are comprised of additions to the guidelines of Regulation 4.3. They cover health and safety protection and accident prevention. 

Petition started for 40 seafarers abandoned in UAE

British human rights charity ‘Justice Upheld’ has started a petition for 40 seafarers from India, Sudan, Tanzania, Eritrea and Ethiopia, who have been deliberately abandoned at sea on ships owned by an UAE-based shipping company for over 27 months without pay.

Documentary: How shore leave at Felixstowe Seafarer Centre feels like

An observational short documentary by the UK director, Eleanor Mortimer, depicts how a shore leave for a cargo-ship crew at the Felixstowe Seafarer Centre feels like. Due to visa restrictions and short turnarounds, many crews of international cargo ships stay in port after docking.

Watch: ILO’s 100 years of helping seafarers’ rights

Since 1919, the International Labour Organization has built a system of international labour standards, including the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, which established minimum working and living standards for all seafarers.  ILO in 2019 is celebrating 100 years of working in favour of social justice and working rights. 

USCG informs about lapse in appropriations and mariner credentials

The National Maritime Center posted updated information for merchant mariners that are affected by the lapse in appropriation. The NMC said that the partial shutdown may affect the industry and cause inconvenience. Namely, USCG informed that there are extension for marine credentials.

HRAS condemns seafarers abandonment in UAE

Elizabeth Mavropoulou, Charity Administrator & Programme Manager at HRAS, provides a short comment on the HRAS Case Study on the Seafarers Abandonment in the UAE. Namely, 40 crew members, of whom 30 Indian nationals, were stranded in three vessels owned by the same shipping company.

New wellbeing programme for seafarers launched

Nautilus International’s latest strategic yacht partner and wellbeing specialist ZS Wellness has launched Actionable Individual Monitoring (AIM) – a holistic fitness and mental health wellbeing programme for those looking to improve their fitness while at sea. 


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