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New global alliance commits over $1 billion to tackle plastic waste

The cross value chain Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW), currently made up of nearly 30 member companies, seeks to develop and bring to scale solutions that will minimize and manage plastic waste and promote solutions for used plastics by helping to enable a circular economy.

Canadian CG recovers oil amount during Manolis L operation

The Government of Canada published a press release according to which 208.7 cubic metres , 208,769 litres, of oil was removed from the Manolis L shipwreck. This is enough oil to fill 1313 oil barrels. The amount of oil recovery exceeded the expectations and reached the 115-150 metres, meaning 115.000 – 150.000 litres. 

Canada set to assess risks related to ship wrecks

Canada has awarded a contract to Dartmouth-based London Offshore Consultants, for the development of a risk assessment methodology related to hundreds of vessels of concern (abandoned, wrecked or dilapidated vessels) in Canadian waters or on Crown land.

Tavaha: A documentary on saving European seas

‘Tavaha’ is a nordic expression for taking care of the ocean, and is also the title of a new, short documentary on plastic pollution, highlighting the can-do attitude of European activists working with marine environments. The film seeks to provide us with insight and inspiration regarding the oceanic conservation around Europe.

Vietnam releases guidance for oil spill response

The Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has published a circular to regulate marine oil spill cleanup and recovery efforts. Specifically, a preliminary investigation on the level of pollution will have to be made within the first 10 days after the report of an oil spill. The circular will apply from March 12.

China halts gas leak from LPG tanker at Dongying port

According to local media reports, the Chinese authorities stopped a gas leak from a South Korean liquefied petroleum gas tanker, at Dongying Anchorage, Shandong Province, China, Bohai sea on January 14. The leak occurred after the ship didn’t manage to shut down the valve for one of its cargo tanks. The master notified authorities and asked for anchorage, to fix the valve.

How to prevent pollution fines in Turkey

From 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020, new pollution fine tariffs are applying in Turkey. The London P&I Club informs about the fines and suggests ways to prevent them from taking place. The fines regard petroleum, dirty ballast and garbage and sewage.

Large-scale salvage operation begins for MSC Zoe containers

The large salvage of the containers that went overboard the MSC Zoe container ship last week is about to begin on the North Sea, according to the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management Rijkswaterstaat. Two large salvage vessels and a smaller one are deployed on behalf of the MSC.

‘Super sponge’ developed for oil spill cleanup

A team of engineering researchers at Canada’s University of Calgary has developed a sponge for soaking up aquatic oil spills, called “magnetic boron nitride (MBN)”. Consisting of magnetic nanostructured white graphene, the sponge is able to absorb crude oil at up to 53 times its own weight.

1,220 metric tons of debris collected after MSC Zoe overboard incident

In the latest situation update, Geneva-based Mediterranean Shipping Company confirmed that significant progress has been made in the clean-up operation in the North Sea and on the beaches of the Netherlands and Germany, after 281 containers were lost overboard the mega container ship ‘MSC Zoe’ last week. In total, 1,220 metric tons of debris has been collected.


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