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China imposes stricter control on import of waste

According to the Chinese Prevention and Control of Solid Waste Pollution Law, the import of foreign solid waste into China in order to dump, store or dispose of the same is not permitted. However, if the foreign solid waste can be used as raw materials, it may be imported to China in certain cases. 

How plastic pollution harms marine life

One of the most concerning problems that our oceans are facing nowadays – if not the most important – is plastic pollution. Plastics are the cause of increasing ocean pollution, which in turn affects marine life, and consequently humans as well. However, there are easy steps that everyone can follow, in order to eliminate this matter.

Clean up operations continue after Storm Emma

Debris and some fuel from the damaged boats was released into the Marina, however most of the fuel was broken up during the bad weather. But considerable quantities of polystyrene from damaged floating pontoons is also adding to the waste disposal problem.

Oil spill reported in Black River, Ohio

The US Coast Guard informed that it responded to a report, regarding an oil spill, after petroleum product was released into the Black River in Lorain, Ohio, earlier this week. Namely, a total of 20 gallons of mixed petroleum products were released, which includes hydraulic and waste oils. Namely, a total of 20 gallons of mixed petroleum products were released, which includes hydraulic and waste oils.

Preventing marine trash concentration

The BSEE Gulf of Mexico Region has developed a new marine training video focusing on the elimination of debris associated with oil and gas operations on the Outer Continental Shelf. Marine debris are an increasing problem in recent decades.

Operator, Master convicted over oil and garbage pollution

Tank vessel operator Sea World Management & Trading, Inc. and Captain Edmon Fajardo were sentenced for maintaining false and incomplete records relating to the discharge of oil and garbage from an oil tanker that was operating off the coast of Texas, according to the US Department of Justice. 

Canadian navy ship spills fuel off Vancouver

Canada’s Department of National Defence announced that one of its ships, ‘HMCS Calgary’, reported a spill of approximately 30,000 litres of fuel of F76 type in the Straits of Georgia, in the morning of Saturday, 24 February. The spill occurred while crews aboard the vessel were transferring fuel internally.

Oil from Sanchi reaches Japanese shores

The Japan Coast Guard informed that oil has been spotted in islands in southern Japan, that most likely came from the sunken Iranian tanker Sanchi. Meanwhile, China urged for better marine pollution preparedness with Japan and South Korea.

The Ocean Cleanup to assemble first cleanup system in Alameda

The Ocean Cleanup and the City of Alameda announced that they have signed a lease agreement for portions of the former Alameda Naval Air Station, a peninsula known as Alameda Point. Located on San Francisco Bay, this is the site where assembly of the first cleanup system will begin within the next month.

Preventing ships’ garbage pollution

The latest amendments to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships MARPOL Annex V address the disposal of cargo residues and garbage handling in Polar waters. It also provides the new format for the garbage record book, which will used from 01 March 2018.

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