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World’s two biggest short-sea ro-ro vessels are LNG-ready

In the past, the Luxembourg-based company CLdN Ro-Ro, decided to build the world’s biggest short-sea ro-ro vessels. Celine, after one year of operating, has fully met her owner’s expectations. The former, along with sister-vessel Delphine, incorporate high technology from other vessel types and are LNG-ready. 

How to report requirements under US EPA VGP for 2018

The 2013 Vessel General Permit that replaced the 2008 Vessel General Permit, has incorporated a new requirements for a submission of an electronically annual report by February 28th covering activities conducted from January 1st, till December 31, of previous year.

Australia reveals national plan for maritime environmental emergencies

Australia depends heavily on shipping to transport its exports and imports. The country now published the National Plan, which deals with other aspects of maritime emergency response such as search and rescue, saving of life at sea, and caring for survivors brought to shore.

Contract awarded for construction of world’s first hydrogen-electric ferry

Norwegian ferry company Norled announced it has won a contract for the development, construction and operation of the world’s first hydrogen-electric ferry, where at least 50% of the energy requirement is covered by hydrogen. Today, there are no comparable hydrogen powered vessels in operation.

New robot can sense plankton optically and acoustically

Oceanographers and engineers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego collaborated to modify a common physical oceanography instrument to be able to image zooplankton as it glides through the ocean.

Ocean absorbs 90% of GHG emissions heat, study finds

According to a new research, global warming has heated the oceans by as much as one atomic bomb explosion per second for the past 150 years, Guardian reports. Namely, over 90% of the heat trapped by GHG emissions has been absorbed by the ocean.

Investors in Port of South Louisiana to invest in methanol plant

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and South Louisiana Methanol CEO Paul Moore announced to pursue a $2.2 billion capital investment in a new methanol complex –one of the world’s largest methanol production sites– to be located in the Port of South Louisiana district, according to the port’s statement.

US awards $25 Million for next generation marine energy projects

The US Department of Energy selected $25 million in research projects for next-generation marine energy devices. These 12 projects will reduce capital costs and promote the innovation cycle by testing new concepts. Marine energy includes ocean wave power, tidal, and river/ocean current devices that convert movement of water into electricity.  

New Zealand to build its first fully-electric ferry

New Zeland’s McKay announced in a statement that they are to develop and implement the country’s first plug-in fully electrical ferry along SSC Marine, which is planned to be built in Wellington.  According to the company, the ferry is the first of its king in New Zealand and also in the entire southern hemisphere.


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