The project at the Pointe-Noire terminal consists of the building of a conveyor to link the storage yard with the wharf, which will increase vessel loading speed.


Among other improvements, the Société ferroviaire et portuaire de Pointe-Noire will upgrade the railway and electrical infrastructure in order to supply the storage yard, waterproof part of the storage yard, and construct a retention pond and pumping stations.

This investment of $180 million is expected to have significant economic and employment benefits for the area by creating and maintaining an estimated 185 jobs locally and over 1,300 indirect jobs over five years.

In addition, the Government of Canada is supporting infrastructure projects that contribute most to Canada’s success in international trade. Trade diversification is a key component of the National Trade Corridors Fund, through projects that:

  • Improve the fluidity and performance of the transportation system to increase the value and volume of goods exported from Canada to overseas markets; and
  • Generate new overseas trade as a result of the investment.

Our government is proud to invest in this infrastructure that plays a key role for Côte-Nord and Labrador. By investing in our transportation and trade corridors we are stimulating economic growth and creating quality middle-class jobs

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