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Woodmac: Digitalization can bring major cost savings for upstream sector

In an earlier insight, marine energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie identified up to US$150bn in annual operating cost savings that could be achieved in the energy and natural resources sectors through digitalisation.


Airbus launches project to improve safety of assets at sea

Airbus Defence and Space has launched Ocean Finder, a service delivering satellite-based detection and identification reports for assets at sea. Ocean Finder aims to ensure safety in hostile areas and support search and rescue operations.


How to improve crew welfare at sea

Dr. Phil Sharples, Senior Medical Director, UnitedHealthcare Global Medical, discussed how mainstream healthcare is embracing technology to deliver higher quality medical care and how some of these initiatives could apply to the maritime industry



Safety I vs Safety II: An overview

The traditional thinking about safety has reached some notable landmarks, but the constantly renewed list of unexpected incidents at sea comes to underline a need for a change in safety perception, unveiling there could be more than the traditional ways of ‘doing safety’.

PSC Focus

PSC focus: China performance in H12018

During first half of 2018, PSCOs conducted in China a total of 4,141 inspections which resulted to 15,135 deficiencies and 158 detentions. This led to a detention rate of 3.82% and an expected number of deficiencies per inspection 3 to 4. At the same time, the overall Tokyo MoU figures for the same period show a detention rate of 2.25% and deficiencies per inspection 1 to 2 (1.98).

Women in shipping

Gender equality taskforce to redress the balance 

In response to the emerging need for women diversity in the industry, Maritime UK established a Women in Maritime Taskforce to address fairness, equality and inclusion within maritime earlier this year.


2020: An insurer’s perspective
During the 2018 SAFETY4SEA Hamburg Conference, Mr. Alvin Forster, Deputy Director (Loss Prevention), The North of England P&I Association Limited, talks about the commercial impact of the 2020 regulations for the shipping industry.

Sharing the burden of greening; an innovative financial approach
During the 2018 SAFETY4SEA Hamburg Conference, Mr. Orestis Schinas, Professor of Shipping and Ship Finance, Hamburg School of Business Administration, highlights the aspect of financing the greening of the shipping industry.

Lessons Learned


Lessons learned: Language differences lead to collision

The UK MAIB issued the second edition of its 'Safety Digest', providing useful lessons learned from maritime casualties it has encountered. In the first case of the report, UK MAIB describes a collision between two vessels that occurred from misunderstanding due to language differences.


Fatal man overboard highlights importance of practical safety drills

The investigation found that the vessel’s documented risk controls did not reflect the operational practice onboard, and that the crew underestimated the risks associated with a crewman becoming entangled in the back rope and being dragged overboard.


Overwhelmed bilge pump leads to sinking

UK MAIB analyzed the sinking of a fishing vessel as its bilge pump was overwhelmed by the volume of water ingress. Notable is that the vessel was certified with most recent surveys revealing no areas of concern. MAIB highlighted that the two men onboard were saved as they had enough time to collect and don their emergency use lifejackets.

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US to grant Puerto Rico $28.9 million to prevent risk from natural disasters

The US National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, NOAA and their partners announced $28.9 million in new grants for the restoration or expansion of natural features.


Four rescued after fishing vessel took on water

The US Coast Guard rescued four fishermen on Wednesday, November 14, after abandoning their boat off the coast of Rockland, Maine. The vessel was taking on water, as the captain of the ship reported.

Maritime Knowledge

Learn from the past: Prestige sinking, one of the worst oil spills in Europe

The 13rd of November marks 16 years after the Greek-owned and Bahamas-operated tanker ‘Prestige’ encountered heavy weather during a routine voyage and eventually sank off the coast of Spain, causing the worst environmental disaster in the country and one of the greatest oil spills in Europe.

Regulatory Update



Report: Biofuels 'the biggest pitfalls' in the way to shipping decarbonization

Powering European ships with batteries, hydrogen or ammonia will decarbonise the fleet and require only half the amount of renewable electricity that less efficient solutions like synthetic methane or synthetic diesel will need, noted Transport & Environment in a new report revealing a Roadmap to Decarbonising European Shipping.


Australia set to become world’s biggest exporter of LNG

Australia is on its way to become the world’s biggest exporter of LNG, according to the energy economics group EnergyQuest, informing in its latest monthly report that total Australian LNG shipments were significantly higher in October at 6.4 million tonnes (Mt) –up 10.3% on 5.8 Mt in September.


EU to fund LNG infrastructure project

The ‘LNGHIVE2: Infrastructure and Logistics Solutions’ project, coordinated by Spanish energy company Enagás, has been selected by the European Commission ‘Connecting Europe Facility’ (CEF) for funding. The initiative aims to boost the use of LNG as a fuel for maritime and rail transport. The total investment in the project will be around 14 million euros, of which close to three million euros will be financed by European funds.




Seychelles issues world’s first sovereign blue bond

The Republic of Seychelles launched, in late October, the world’s first sovereign blue bond, according to data provided by The World Bank. The bond, which raised US$15 million from international investors, is a pioneering financial instrument designed to support sustainable marine and fisheries projects, demonstrating the potential for countries to harness capital markets for financing the sustainable use of marine resources.


India jumps 23 ranks in port development, World Bank report says

According to the World Bank report 2019 on Ease of Doing Business, India has jumped 23 ranks from 100 in 2017-18 to 77 in 2018-19. This indicates that the country is continuing its shift towards global standards. One of the key indexes that contributed toward this growth is ‘Trading across borders’ which shows an improvement from 146 rank last year to 80th rank this year.


Port of Savannah marks container moving record in October

The Port of Savannah moved more container cargo in October than any other month in its history, with 413,800 TEUs crossing its docks. Containerized trade at the Port of Savannah has increased by 8% for the January-October 2018 period, totaling 1.53 million TEUs -up 113,000 compared to the same period last year. Last month’s performance marked the 24th consecutive month of positive year-over-year growth for the Southeastern gateway.