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Safety culture and seafarer standards are closely linked

In an exclusive interview, Mr. Colin Gillespie, North Club, notes that the most concerning trend over the last years has been the attitude of those ashore to maritime accidents and incidents and explaines why an efficient culture is vital.

Cyber Security

Cyber security library for shipping: Everything you need to know

The world is changing, and with it so is technology. Vessels are progressively using systems relied on digitization, integration and automation. As a result of these, cyber security threats are not only increasing, but they are becoming a part of maritime daily business.

Energy Efficiency

Machine Learning lifts Performance Monitoring to the next level

Taiwan deployed two new electric powered bunker tankers, as the state-supported CPC Corporation launched the two vessels at the port of Kaohsiung. The two ships were built in order for the company to meet the growing demand for more environmentally friendly projects.



Attracting young seafarers in maritime jobs

Which are the methods shipping organizations recruit seafarers? And what needs to be done to guide young people take up maritime jobs?


Marine Debris: How long until it’s gone?

UN says that plastic debris results in an estimated $13 billion a year in losses from damage to marine ecosystems, including financial losses to fisheries and tourism as well as time spent cleaning beaches.

Cyber Security

Cyber security in the EU GDPR framework

The implementation of the GDPR from May 2018 comes with many challenges for all organizations as they will need to adopt new business practices, internal policies, technical and organizational measures.


2018 SAFETY4SEA Cyprus Conference - Highlights
The inaugural SAFTY4SEA Conference in Cyprus successfully concluded on Tuesday 17th of April, at Columbia Plaza in Limassol, attracting 220 delegates from a total of 115 organizations.

Shipping industry highlights from the Cyprus Flag perspective
Mr. Costas Iacovou, Acting Permanent Secretary, DMS Cyprus, discusses about the key shipping challenges with regards to maritime safety and environmental protection.

Lessons Learned


Leak by damaged pipe causes fire to Ro-Ro's engine room

While a coastal Ro-Ro passenger vessel was at berth, it was using a auxiliary boiler to provide onboard accommodation heating, while the engines were not operating. After the boiler began working, fire broke out near the boiler, caused by a leak.


Improper tightening of a pipe plug causes fire to vehicle carrier

NTSB released a report about the fire onboard the vehicle carrier Alliance St. Louis. The vessel had began from Port Arthur, Texas, heading to Jacksonville, Florida, when a pipe plug on the fuel pump for the main engine’s no. 6 cylinder came loose, causing fuel spray onto the engine’s hot exhaust gas pipe manifold.

Loss Prevention

Do's and Don'ts for fire safety on ferries

Cars, lorries and refrigerated containers, all of these have combustible material and their own fire hazards, something which a ship’s crew cannot easily control. The Standard P&I Club issued a master’s guide to raise awareness of fire risks on ferries.

Top Stories



Perpetrators board ship off Indonesia

In its weekly report for 17-23 April, ReCAAP ISC noted one incident of armed robbery against the Cyprus-flagged bulk carrier 'Katerina', while underway, approximately 4.7 nm northeast of Nongsa Point, Batam Island, Indonesia, in Singapore Straits, in the morning hours of 22 April.


ReCAAP ISC, RSIS held roundtable about piracy at sea

ReCAAP ISC and the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) co-organised a Maritime Roundtable, regarding piracy and robbery at sea. The roundtable was held in conjunction with the Singapore Maritime Week 2018.


Crew fatality after entanglement with gear stresses potting hazards

The UK MAIB issued an investigation report, highlighting the hazards associated with potting and the need to keep crew separated from lines when shooting.


Green Shipping

Taiwan gets its first electric powered bunker tankers

Taiwan deployed two new electric powered bunker tankers, as the state-supported CPC Corporation launched the two vessels at the port of Kaohsiung. The two ships were built in order for the company to meet the growing demand for more environmentally friendly projects, and to achieve the country’s target to become a greener society. The ships were built in Singapore and tested in Vietnam.


Los Angeles sues shipowner over 2016 oil spill

The city of Los Angeles has sued the owners and all other parties associated with the car carrier 'Istra Ace', which caused an extensive oil spill in the Port of LA back in 2016, covering more than 70 acres that took over two weeks to clean. The USCG investigation onboard revealed faulty piping that allowed oil to leak from the starboard side of the ship.

Green Shipping

Consortium pays €535m for Greece's natural gas operator

A European consortium including Snam, the majority shareholder with an interest of 60%, together with Enagás (20%) and Fluxys (20%), has won the tender arranged by the Greek Agency for privatization (TAIPED) for the purchase of a 66% stake in DESFA, the national operator in the natural gas infrastructure sector.




Yachtie convicted of sailing despite conditions

A boatie who sailed a yacht in an unsafe condition from Wellington to Westport has been sentenced to community detention, after ignoring conditions imposed by Maritime NZ that the vessel could not be operated outside Wellington Harbour.


Denmark to build one of the largest offshore wind farms

The Danish government presented one of its main targets that will form a new energy agreement. Namely, Denmark wants to build a 800MW offshore wind farm. The government hopes that the wind farm will increase offshore wind power by one third.


EU funds German LNG infrastructure project

Under its 'Connecting Europe Facility' (CEF) program, the European Commission has funded a project aimed at paving the way for LNG as fuel to trucks and inland waterway vessels in Germany.