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Alexander L. Kielland: Norway's worst offshore disaster

As part of its ‘Learn from the past’ series, SAFETY4SEA is focusing today on the fatal capsizing of the oil platform Alexander L. Kielland in the North Sea, the worst disaster in Norwegian offshore history since World War II. Losing one of its five legs amid a storm, the platform killed 123 people, shocking the local community in Norway and marking as a reminder of how a structure failure can take so many lives.

Maritime Knowledge

Piper Alpha: The world’s deadliest offshore oil disaster

Over 30 years after the Piper Alpha oil platform suffered multiple explosions off Scotland taking lives of 167 people, SAFETY4SEA analyzes the North Sea disaster which made the oil and gas industry to look safety in new terms. The 6th July 1988 was a normal day for 226 crew members onboard the Piper Alpha, an oil production platform located in the North Sea off Aberdeen, Scotland.

Maritime Knowledge

Sanchi: The world’s worst oil tanker disaster in decades

“Maintaining a proper outlook” seems a commonplace, but maritime history has showed that improper outlook can lead to tragedies beyond imagination. SAFETY4SEA is focusing today on the Sanchi disaster, which claims the world’s worst oil tanker disaster in decades, less than two years after it collided with ‘CF Crystal’ on East China Sea and took lives of 32 people while causing a vast oil pollution.

Maritime Health

Pilotage operations during COVID-19

The UK Maritime Pilotage Association has issued circulars providing guidance and best practices during COVID-19 challenging times, since in the coming days and weeks, it is anticipated that vessels with suspected cases onboard may request pilotage services.

Maritime Health

Diamond Princess: Coronavirus found on cabin surfaces after 17 days

Coronavirus was identified on a variety of surfaces in cabins of both symptomatic and asymptomatic infected passengers up to 17 days after cabins were vacated on the cruise ship Diamond Princess, a study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed.


Cargo ship banned from Paris MoU region

PSC authorities detained the general cargo ship M/V "BISLAN” in Port of Azov, Russia, on 11 March 2020, Paris MoU informed. This is the third detention in the Paris MoU region within the last 36 months.

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Indian Ocean MoU: Guidance for dealing with COVID-19

The Indian Ocean MoU authorities have agreed to adopt pragmatic guidance, understanding necessity to deal with crucial circumstances (such as extending periods of service onboard of seafarers, delaying periods for surveys, inspections and audits, etc. as necessary) amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidance focuses on challenges related to MLC Convention (2006) and to relevant IMO Conventions.


Indian Ocean MoU: Key results of CIC on emergency systems

The Indian Ocean MoU shared its preliminary results on the Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Emergency Systems and Procedures that took place in the region from 1 September 2019 and 30 November 2019. During that period, IOMOU authorities detained a total of nine ships for issues related to the CIC.

Green Shipping

COVID-19 to impact global energy markets, Rystad report reveals

In a recently published report, Rystad Energy notes that the coronavirus pandemic should be expected to last for the entirety of 2020 and provides possible scenarios and impact on the global energy markets.

Maritime Knowledge

Leadership at sea: What makes a great Captain

Leadership, as a special component of safe operations at sea, is a skill resulting from a complex combination of mindset characteristics which can be learned, argues Capt. VS Parani, naming the key features he believes to be the most critical for a great leader at sea.


Wellness at sea: Training and surveys

During the first SAFETY4SEA Forum in Manila, Gavin Lim, Regional Development Manager for Asia, Sailors’ Society talked about wellness at sea training and surveys, highlighting that companies should adopt new ways to engage in promoting on board health and well-being.

Maritime Health

Feeling stressed onboard: Symptoms and key actions

Fighting stress onboard is both challenging and crucial. Although much of our everyday stress can be useful in a way of noticing a problem or the pressures that we face, triggering us to act, in general, repeated and prolonged stress  may have negative effects on our mental health. 


India sets out rules for ships to tackle COVID-19

India established rules to make sure that trade will resume, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Vessels arriving at Indian port after 14 days of departure from an infected port, do not have to comply with the additional precautionary measures.


IMO Sulphur Cap Recap: Where we stand and what’s next

As we are two months into 2020, IMO’s sulphur cap is being implemented worldwide and considering the radicality of the new regulation, its implementation has been smooth so far. However, that does not mean that there are no breaching cases, while the discussion regarding the best way to comply has heated up.


EU Transport Ministers publish Declaration on Waterborne Transport

The EU transport ministers held a meeting in Croatia and adopted a declaration on guidelines for the development of EU maritime policy, calling for emissions trading scheme to cover ships from all countries.


Port Call Data Sharing Platforms

During the 2020 SMART4SEA Athens Forum, Andreas Chrysostomou, Chief Strategy Officer, Tototheo, presented the concept of data sharing platform and the importance of collaboration between all the shipping sectors.

Maritime Software

Smart tools to monitor Coronavirus spread

The newly identified Coronavirus has made world headlines given its rapid spread and as number of infected or dead people keeps on increasing. To closely monitor the situation and keep track of the incidents and fatalities two applications have been launched.

Maritime Software

Dimitris Theodossiou receives the SMART4SEA Personality Award

SAFETY4SEA is pleased to announce that Mr. Dimitris Theodossiou, Managing Director, DANAOS Management Consultants S.A has received the 2020 SMART4SEA Personality Award, sponsored by SQEMARINE.

GREEN4SEA 2020 Awards Highlights



2020 SAFETY4SEA London Forum - Highlights



Seafarers trapped at sea due to COVID-19 lockdowns

Seafarers who deliver necessity products such as gas, food and medicine are being forced to keep working due to COVID-19. Namely, many seafarers cannot leave their ship.


Synergy CEO urges for collective, managed crew changes

A collective management of crew changes at key hub ports by ship managers and owners can solve the seafarer welfare crisis currently threatening global supply chains, believes Captain Rajesh Unni, Founder and CEO of Synergy Group.


Seafarers Stories: Capt. Georgios Athinaios, Master

Our ‘Seafarer Stories’ new column will host seafarers’ views who will present briefly the key challenges of life and work onboard, providing a picture of what a career at sea actually means. In this context, we are happy to host an interview with Capt. Georgios Athinaios, Master of MV Desert Challenger who works with the Atlantic Bulk Carrier Management Ltd since 2001.


New Zealand: Company to pay $514,300 in fines and reparation after overloaded fishing vessel sinks

A Wellington-based fishing company, its sole director, and a master were fined a total of $449,500 over the sinking of the grossly overloaded fishing boat 'Victory II' in June 2017. The company was also ordered to pay $64,800 in reparation to the crew for unpaid wages and emotional harm.


Wan Hai Lines forces fines for misdeclared cargo

In light of the misdeclared cargo contents, Wan Hai Lines announced that forced new measures against shippers who intentionally misdeclare cargo. In fact, the Taiwanese carrier company informed that if the declarations and the shipping documents are not true, it will immediately suspend the delivery operation.


US sanctions Rosneft subsidiary due to Venezuela links

The US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated TNK Trading International S.A. (TTI) for operating in the oil sector of the Venezuelan economy.