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Green Shipping

All electric catamaran ready to operate in Fjords

The all-electric catamaran "Future of the Fjords" has been delivered from Brødrene Aa to the owner and operator The Fjords. Future of the Fjords will make around 700 yearly round trips along the UNESCO World Heritage listed fjord route between Flåm and Gudvangen.


Panama Canal paves way for 'Carbon Neutral' future

Mr. Alexis Rodriguez, Environmental Protection Specialist, Panama Canal, talks about Panama Canal’s new tool to calculate carbon emissions as well as other initiatives that the Canal has adopted the last couple years with the aim to become a ‘carbon neutral’ entity and incentivize further the maritime industry reduce its carbon footprint.

Green Shipping

Electric vessels are making waves

The world is changing. Technologies that were once thought as the absolute norm, are now becoming old-fashioned. Of course the shipping industry is no exception. Up until now, ships have been sailing using fuels. These may have been diesel, or even LNG, which is increasing. However, there is a new trend in ships’ propulsion. That is no other than electricity.



How plastic pollution harms marine life

One of the most concerning problems that our oceans are facing nowadays – if not the most important – is plastic pollution. Plastics are the cause of increasing ocean pollution, which in turn affects marine life, and consequently humans as well.

Maritime Health

Mosquitoes: practical guidance for seafarers

There is a series of mosquito borne and transferred diseases on board vessels. If not properly controlled, such vectors could breed on ship and could certainly be carried by ship.


How to achieve Wellness at Sea

Mental health and wellbeing are issues playing out regardless of whether they are ashore or onboard. Industry has realized the importance of ‘Wellness at Sea’ and has shed its focus on addressing its key aspects.


Integrated Crime Cyber Insurance for the marine transport industry
In his presenation at the SAFETY4SEA Cyber Masterclass, Mr. Nick Taylor, Consultant, Shoreline, provided feedback on the topic of Cyber or IT Security from the insurer’s perspective.

Cyber Security & EU GDPR
While speaking at the SAFETY4SEA Cyber Masterclass, Mr. Chronis Kapalidis, Chatham House, focused on the EU GDPR, an important legislation for the data protection, effective from May 25th2018.

Lessons Learned


UK Club: Good communication vital for safe manoeuvring

While manoeuvring along a river channel, a tanker contacted the jetty, due to lack of control being exercised in the navigation of the vessel. The UK P&I Club provided a description of what happened and important lessons learned to prevent similar cases in the future.


Hydrodynamic interactions while berthing

Latest MARS report from the Nautical Institute has been released. One of the cases contained in this report is  referring to hydrodynamic interaction between two passenger vessels caused by the underway passenger vessel passing at a very close lateral distance of 30 metres at a speed of more than 6kt.


Look out CO2 flooding system activation points

IMCA highlights a potential gap in safety awareness which may be of interest to operators. In one vessel, there has been noted a CO2 flooding system activation point within the main CO2 bottle room, however, there were no warnings or procedural guidance on the use of Breathing Apparatus (BA) within the main CO2 bottle room.

Top Stories



Campaigns ahead of Day of the Seafarer 2018

Ahead of the Day of the Seafarers, on 25 June, IMO will focus on seafarer's wellbeing, particularly their mental health. This year's campaign will have two hashtags: #SupportSeafarersWellbeing and #GoodDayatSea. With this campaign, the IMO wants to demonstrate how much seafarers matter.

Loss Prevention

New report provides guide on position mooring systems

ABS issued a report focusing on the design aspect of position mooring systems. The Guide also provides criteria, technical requirements, and guidance on the design and analysis of position mooring systems. A mooring system has to restrict the offset of a floating structure/unit within prescribed limits, and maintain the directionality when the structure’s orientation for safety or operational considerations.


Australia-NZ research ship collaboration eyes safer operations

Australian and New Zealand scientific research organisations have established the first formal collaboration aimed at promoting the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible operation of their research ships. The group entitled `Research Vessels Of New Zealand and Australia’ (RVONZA) has been led by New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research.



Icebreaking season 2017-2018 ends in Baltic Sea

According to Arctia, the Finnish state-owned company responsible for operating a Finnish icebreaker fleet, the icebreaking season 2017-2018 in the Baltic Sea ended. The season ended with Finnish icebreakers on Friday, May 18, 2018, when the last icebreaker "Kontio" returned to the icebreaker base in Katajanokka, Helsinki.


MPA Singapore calls for vessels emissions control at ports

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) released a circular, warning operators to take all necessary measures to prevent their vessels from emitting excessive soot, ash, or dark smoke from engine exhaust and/or ancillary shipboard machineries throughout the duration of vessel stay in port.


BPA: Ports are part of the solution in Clean Air Strategy, not the problem

The UK Government released its Clean Air Strategy, requiring all major ports in England to develop air quality plans within the next year. The British Ports Association responded to the new strategy, saying that "ports and shipping are part of the solution, not the problem."



PSC Focus

USCG: QUALSHIP 21 status during 2017

In its PSC Annual Report for 2017, the USCG provided an update on the QUALSHIP 21, the Coast Guard's initiative which attempts to recognize and reward vessels, as well as their owners and Flag Administrations, for their commitment to safety and quality. The QUALSHIP 21 program ended calendar year 2017 with an enrollment of 2,013 vessels.


EU Commission acts in view of US withdrawal from JCPOA

After the US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which will reinstate all sanctions that had been previously imposed on Iran, the European Commission took steps to preserve the interests of European companies investing in Iran, on the sidelines of an informal meeting in Sofia, demonstrating the EU's commitment to the Iran nuclear deal.


ITF to take legal action over abuse of fishers in Ireland

The International Transport Workers’ Federation has begun legal proceedings against the Irish government over its Atypical Work Scheme, which was introduced as a way to register non-European workers in fishing and ensure their rights, however it has failed to stop routine human rights abuses, according to ITF.