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Building resilient safety cultures takes more than a campaign!

In recent months large oil majors have been promoting the idea of developing more resilient safety cultures. Resilience is described as a company’s positive ability to adapt to the consequence of change, whether this change is initiated (caused) by market changes, innovation or even natural disasters.


Soft skills, hard impact: non-technical skills in the age of smart shipping

Dr. Luiza Shahbazyan, Product Manager CAT, Safebridge Cyprus, says that living in the smart shipping era, it is likely to see a change in the working environment, requiring from seafarers a different kind of skills which could be able to augment artificial intelligence, and focusing more on non-technical skills, known as 'soft skills'.


Maritime Malta: where is the workforce?

Although Malta is one of the largest maritime flags in the world and the largest in Europe, the country does not have enough qualified and skilled employees to sustain the Maltese maritime sector. Especially young people prefer to choose another sector, rather than maritime. This why, an investment in maritime education is important, to boost the industry.



Career Paths: Frank Coles, Transas

Mr. Frank Coles, CEO, Transas,  wishes the current maritime landscape would support the human element better with more training and tools to anticipate future challenges ahead.


Stepping towards ship electrification

Mr. Jan Kjetil Paulsen, Senior Advisor Shipping at the Bellona Foundation talks about the recent developments of vessel electrification, which is considered an important step towards a zero-emission future.


ISO 45001: Before & After

ISO 45001 emphasizes the need for worker participation in the functioning of an OH&S management system, as well as requiring that an organization ensures that its workers are competent to do their assigned tasks safely.


2018 GREEN4SEA Awards
The awards focus exclusively on initiatives and individuals who foster Environmental Excellence & Sustainable Shipping, following a combination of open nomination and audience-vote.

2018 GREEN4SEA Confrence
The 2event successfully concluded in March, at the Lighthouse at SNFCC, attracting 750 delegates from 20 countries representing a total of 350 organizations.

Lessons Learned


Complying with SMS crucial for safe operations

On 5 November 2016, an able seaman (AB) on board the Maltese registered roll-on rolloff (ro-ro) ship Catherine was severely injured during cargo operations. He was discharged from the ship and was transferred to a local hospital for further treatment.


AMSA: Risks when using secondary means of support arrangements

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) issued a marine notice to inform of the potential hazards and risks associated with accommodation ladders rigged with unapproved or inadequate secondary means of support arrangements.


Broken crane wire causes injury onboard

In its monthly safety scenario, the Swedish P&I Club describes an incident of a crane fall onboard a containership, which hit and injured a crew member. The investigation revealed that the wire was not in good condition, despite proper maintenance as per PMS system. 

Top Stories



China to implement Special Safety Inspections in Qingdao

China MSA will implement Special Safety Inspections for ships entering the Qingdao water areas, starting from 20 April until Mid-June 2018. The regulations will initially apply only to ships of Chinese nationality.


USCG seizes 1,446 pounds of marijuana from recreational vessel

The USCG discovered multiple packages which later were found positive for marijuana. In total, inspector seized 1,446 pounds of marijuana.


16 Ukrainian seafarers repatriated after three-month abandonment

Crew members of the container ship 'Avonmoor', who had been abandoned in the Port of Casablanca since January 2018, have been now repatriated home to the Ukraine, after ITF efforts.



New cooperation aims to measure microplastics in the ocean

The Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment and Swedish tanker operator Concordia Maritime have initiated a preliminary study to determine the feasibility of gathering important information on the volume of micoplastics in the oceans.


Ports of LA, Long Beach fund for technologies to reduce air pollution

The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach are offering seed money to foster the development of new goods-movement technologies that will improve air quality, as part of the ports’ Technology Advancement Program (TAP).


Factors to improve alternative fuels in shipping

DNV GL issued a white paper assessing alternative fuels and technologies, taking a look at the price, availability, regulatory challenges and noting that the majority of ships that use conventional fuels will either switch to low sulphur conventional fuels, or use a scrubber system while continuing to use HFO.




Owner of pirate fishing vessel 'Thunder' fined €8.2 million

Florindo González Corral, the Spanish fishing tycoon who owned the pirate fishing vessel 'Thunder', has been fined. The F/V Thunder was an INTERPOL-wanted fishing vessel that was involved in more than 10 years of illegal fishing in the Southern Ocean, before its captain deliberately sank the vessel in the Gulf of Guinea, after a 110-day at-sea pursuit by Sea Shepherd vessels.


EU deals with Japan and Singapore to support 'fair and regulated trade'

The European Commission presented trade agreements with Japan and Singapore to the Council to eventually be adopted. The European shipowners welcomed this move, noting that this was the first step towards the conclusion of these agreements, which "send a strong message to the world in support of fair and regulated trade".


Global port saw significant recovery in 2017

Shanghai International Shipping Institute (SISI) released the Global Port Development Report (2017) in April 2018. In the report it points out that the global economy is entering to prosperity. This new development means that the global port and shipping industry is expected to enter a consolidation stage before a new era of growth.