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Update 08 July: Live map depicts spread of coronavirus

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) has cost the lives of more than 468.000, while confirmed cases exceed 8.900.000. Although coronavirus started in China in early 2020, now it has spread over Europe where Italy and the UK have the most deaths. Also, Brazil, Canada, France and Spain top the list with the countries affected significantly.

Cyber Security

IACS publishes its Recommendation on Cyber Resilience

The International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) published its Recommendation on Cyber Resilience, which applies to the use of computer-based systems which provide control, alarm, monitoring, safety or internal communication functions which are subject to the requirements of a classification society.

Cyber Security

5 key steps to cyber resilience

Autonomous shipping and digitalization are currently the ‘buzz’ words around us; however, many things need to be considered about these issues and the industry continues to discussing a lot about them. Certainly, these are the new trends in the spotlight and more developments are looming.


Nautical Institute President focuses on diversity, branch engagement and technology

The newly elected President of the Nautical Institute, Jillian Carson-Jackson aims to deal with the three important challenges within the shipping community; diversity and inclusion, branch engagement and managing the impact of technology.


PCG files criminal charges against bulk carrier, after collision

Following the collision of the fishing boat F/V Liberty 5 with the bulk carrier Vienna Wood, Philippine Coast Guard has filed a criminal complaint against the operator and the officer of the bulk carrier.


USCG: Addressing electrical installations knowledge gap

USCG issued a Safety Alert is to emphasize the importance of properly installed and maintained listed or certified safe electrical equipment in hazardous areas in order to reduce the risk of fire or explosion onboard vessels.


RMI: Key similarities of enclosed space entry incidents

In 2019, two seafarers died and two were seriously injured in an enclosed space entry incident on an RMI-registered bulk carrier. With this respect, the RMI reiterated once again the need to maintain vigilance with regards to enclosed space entry and rescue training.


USCG: Conditions of entry for ships from certain countries

In 2009, USCG determined that the Republic of Madagascar was not maintaining effective antiterrorism measures in its ports with the exception of the port of Toamasina (also known as Tamatave). Hence, USCG now issued Port Security Advisory 1-20 naming the countries that are not maintaining effective antiterrorism measures and clarifying exceptions in each case.


UK MAIB Investigation: Dangerous self-mooring method leads to fatal incident

UK MAIB published its report on a 28 February 2019 incident. Then, the master of Cherry Sand was crushed between the dredger and the jetty after he fell while attempting to step ashore to assist berthing the vessel in Rosyth, Scotland.

Maritime Knowledge

Leadership at sea: What makes a great Captain

Leadership, as a special component of safe operations at sea, is a skill resulting from a complex combination of mindset characteristics which can be learned, argues Capt. VS Parani, naming the key features he believes to be the most critical for a great leader at sea.


SkillSea project unites shipping industry with education system

The SkillSea project was presented to an audience during the European Shipping Week event, with details concerning the four-year project and its goals to improve European seafarers' place in the shipping industry.


10 key steps to step out your comfort zone

As humans, we seek for comfort, which is also why it's so hard to let it go. Our comfort zone is our natural, neutral state; a place where stress and anxiety are minimal, where we know what is coming next and can plan accordingly. While staying in our comfort zone can result in consistent, steady performance, stepping out of it can create the conditions for optimal performance.


Somali Shipping Code completed

The Somali Shipping Code has been completed, after years of efforts to make Somalia's capacity to grow, sustain a blue economy and fight piracy, supported by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM).


Key points of the IMO SSE 7 outcome

The 7th session of IMO’s Sub-Committee on Ship Systems and Equipment (SSE) took place in London on 2-6 March 2020. Highlights of the meeting included agreement of draft new requirements for onboard lifting appliances, and on draft new interim guidelines for safe operation of shore power, as well as progressed work on ventilation of survival craft and on fire safety of ro-ro passenger ships.

Cyber Security

ClassNK joins MTS-ISAC to boost its cyber risk management

ClassNK joined the Maritime Transportation System Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MTS-ISAC) aiming to boost its cyber risk management.

Cyber Security

Five functions to keep in mind when building a cyber security plan

In light of the increasing cyber threats and attacks within the shipping industry, the Shipowners Club launched an interactive guide that summarizes the key considerations owners and operators should make when building a cyber security plan based on the recommended “Five Functions”.

Cyber Security

Cyber incident response crucial to cope with cyber risks

In the July edition of Be Cyber Aware at Sea, Phish and Ships along with Axis focus on incident response, explaining what it is and the importance of it, as the shipping industry is becoming more digital than ever.

Maritime Health

Seafarers refer to their vessels as floating prisons, CNN reveals

More than 80% of the world’s commercial goods are delivered on board cargo ships, and thousands of merchant sailors who run these ships are now stuck due to COVID-19. Some of these workers have started to refer to their vessels as floating prisons.


Car carrier declared total loss after explosion onboard

Following the explosion onboard the car carrier "Hoegh Xiamen" about a month ago in Jacksonville, Florida, its operator declared a constructive total loss.


ITF and Global Cruise Lines to repatriate hundreds of crew members stuck at sea

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and Global Cruise Lines have reached an agreement that will see crew continue to be repatriated over the coming days.

Maritime Health

Cruise Lines establish expert panels to resume cruising

Cruise industry leaders Royal Caribbean Group and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. announced a collaboration to develop enhanced cruise health and safety standards in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.


Ivory Coast and Senegal apply ‘Traffic Rights’ levy on shipowners

As North Club reports, Ivory Coast and Senegal are applying a ‘traffic rights’ levy on internationally trading vessels that load or discharge cargo at their ports, which are resulting in significant costs to shipowners.


Oil product tanker S&P activity falls 45%

Oil product tankers earnings have skyrocketed in the first half of 2020, while the Sale and Purchase (S&P) activity of the oil product tanker market has slowed to the lowest level since 2016, BIMCO informs.