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How sub-Sahara African countries deal with maritime crime

The new edition of Stable Seas Maritime Security Index is released, attempting to measure and map good maritime governance around sub-Saharan Africa. This edition covers 30 exclusive economic zones (EEZs) around sub-Saharan Africa from the mid-Atlantic to the Gulf of Aden.


Piracy on the rise in Latin America and the Caribbean

In its recently-published annual piracy report, Oceans Beyond Piracy reported a total of 71 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Latin America and the Caribbean Sea throughout 2017, which represents a 163% increase over 2016. Most incidents occurred in territorial waters, with anchored yachts being the primary targets for attackers.


The human cost of piracy for 2017 in numbers

In its 2017 State of Maritime Piracy report, Oceans Beyond Piracy reports an overall increase in piracy incidents across the world's oceans. A total of 1102 seafarers were affected by piracy and armed robbery in East Africa and 100 crew members were taken hostage in West Africa, while a total of 1908 seafarers were affected in Asia and 854 in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Maritime Knowledge

5 Tips for effective ISO 45001 implementation

The new standard is applicable to all organizations, regardless of size, industry or nature of business, it is formed to be integrated into an organization’s existing management processes and follows the same structure as other ISO management system standards


Technologies that will have big impact on the future of shipping

Do shipping organizations have digitalization initiatives currently underway? This article presents five technologies that have entered the shipping industry lately and they are about to reshape it in the years to come!

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention considerations towards a successful safety culture

In order to improve the effectiveness of loss prevention best practices, there is need for an organisation which ensures that their employees fully understand their roles and responsibilities.


Challenges toward BWM implementation
Interview with Kostas Stampedakis, Managing Director, ERMA FIRST, at Posidonia 2018.

Shipping needs to adopt practical solutions for a more sustainable future
Interview with Aris Arvanitakis, CEO, Phoenix Register of Shipping, at Posidonia 2018

Lessons Learned


Proper maintenance important for firefighting equipment efficiency

During an annual maintenance of CO2 fixed firefighting equipment on a vessel, in the emergency generator switchboard room, there was an unplanned and unexpected release of water.


Fire put out at oil storage tank in Singapore

A fire that erupted at an oil storage tank at Tankstore’s Pulau Busing terminal in Singapore has been extinguished, according to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). The fire erupted at the scene in Tuesday night and was extinguished after approximately 6 hours of firefighting operations.


USCG uses interim final rule for fire extinguishers

The US Coast Guard will issue an interim final rule to apply changes to fire protection, detection, and extinguishing equipment standards concerning the inspected towing vessels. This rule does not change the number of extinguishers required and becomes effective from March 28, 2018.

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UNODC event offers closer look at maritime law interpretation

Maritime crime is bringing about discussions on legal issues involving the interpretation and implementation of maritime law. As such, a workshop has taken place in Sri Lanka, Colombo, on 18-20 June, where maritime law experts and practitioners from around the world gathered.


Places of Refuge: An overview

Such places may include a port, a place of shelter near the coast, an inlet, a lee shore, a cove, a fjord or a bay or any part of the coast and as a response, the European Commission has issued operational guidelines for ships in need of assistance.


USCG ends ship voyage after breaching Vessel Passenger Service Act

The US Coast Guard ended the voyage of the vessel 'Pacific Provider' that was illegally carrying passengers for hire operating out of Whittier. The USCG proceeded to terminate the voyage after it found that the ship was breaching the Vessel Passenger Service Act.

Regulatory Update



USCG: Considerations on BWM regulations

Rear Adm. John Nadeau talks about ballast water management regulations, discussing on global trends and the impacts to the Marine Transportation System. A request for a BWMS compliance extension must explicitly state and provide evidence that one of the five accepted methods spelled out in the regulations, including installation of a type approved system, is not possible before compliance date, he noted.

Ship Recycling

Industry tends to undermine EU ship recycling regulation, the Platform warns

On Monday, the EU member states’ experts on ship recycling met in Brussels to discuss the latest developments, six months ahead of the application of the 2013 Ship Recycling Regulation, with a special focus on China's recent decision to stop the import of end-of-life ships for scrapping, which is expected to affect global shipbreaking industry.


Ship garbage recycling pilot completes at Port of Brisbane

AMSA, in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (Agriculture) and Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL), has conducted a pilot project to investigate the feasibility of recycling garbage from international ships at the Port of Brisbane, in a bid to ensure effective management of biosecurity risks across the country.




South Korea to support struggling shipbuilders

South Korean government will financially support shipbuilders that face problems due to the industry's downturn. Namely, South Korea will extend financial guarantees for suppliers of shipbuilders and roll over their debts, Choi Jong-ku, chairman of the Financial Services Commission (FSC) informed.


CMA CGM to acquire Containerships

French container ship giant CMA CGM announced it has signed an agreement with Container Finance Ltd Oy, pursuant to which it will acquire the Finnish container shipping and logistics business Containerships. The transaction remains subject to approval by the relevant authorities.


Innovation is vital for sustainable future

Mrs. Natasa Pilides, DMS Cyprus, talks about Cyprus initiatives in the years to come for a safer and more environmentally friendly shipping and provides recommendations to encourage innovation which is the key for the benefit of both the industry and the society.