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RMI: Vessels need to ensure compliance with the Russian Price Cap Policy

A group of countries, including the United States, the Group of Seven (G7), the European Union (EU), and Australia, have joined forces to put in place a policy known as the "Russian Price Cap Policy." This policy affects various services related to maritime transport, particularly those involving the movement of crude oil and petroleum products from Russia, called "Russian Oil."

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Britannia: Key highlights of the 2022 amendments to the MLC 2006

Britannia Club reported on pivotal amendments to the MLC 2006, scheduled to take effect on December 1, 2024, following their adoption at the ILO 110th session. These amendments include revisions to regulations concerning recruitment and placement, repatriation, recreational facilities (including access to internet service onboard and at port), food and catering, and the disembarking of seafarers who require immediate medical attention.


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