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Green Shipping

Project NEPTUNES aims to mitigate noise pollution in the marine environment

In 2017, a small group of pioneering ports created an inventory ship-generated noise in berth, at anchor and manoeuvring to get in berth or leaving the berth. The project NEPTUNES aims to mitigate the noise pollution from seagoing vessels.

Green Shipping

European countries must take action to reduce underwater noise, report says

A recent report by OceanCare, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Seas at Risk and Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), found that the EU could fail to protect marine wildlife from the impacts of intense underwater noise levels.

Green Shipping

Underwater noise problems come on the surface

The ocean is full with sound, with many animals depending on it to survive. By using sound, many marine organisms can communicate underwater and understand information about their environment. However, underwater noise deriving from human activity, produces sounds that interfere with marine animals.


New campaign on cargo safety launched in light of fire incidents

TT Club, an international transport and logistics insurer, launched the Cargo Integrity campaign due to the increase of container ship fires and in favour of the safety of the seafarers. Taking the maritime segment of global supply chain, it is estimated that a major container ship fire at sea occurs on average every 60 days, albeit that there have already been four major cargo-related fire incidents in 2019.


OPEC crude production sees lowest level in 4 years

OPEC crude production fell by 240,000 b/d in February to 30.68 million b/d, its lowest level in 4 years, said Gibson Shipbrokers in its weekly tanker market report. The heavy crude market is already incredibly tight and production cuts come at a time when demand for heavy grades is rising, the report notes.


World's largest LNG supply vessel conducts bunkering operation in port of Visby

The world's largest supply vessel for LNG, named Kairos, conducted the first LNG bunker supply operation for the newbuild ferry MS Visborg at the ferry pier of the port of Visby. The bunker operation was signed by Nauticor and Destination Gotland, the owner and operator of the new ferry, in December 2017 and enables the ferry to run its service on LNG while connecting the Swedish mainland with the island of Gotland.


LR recognizes Maersk Tankers Bunker Adjustment methodology

Maersk Tankers uses its proprietary methodology Bunker Adjustment to distribute payments to pool partners according to the bunker consumption of their ships compared to the pool average. Lloyd's Register reviewed the methodology, confirming its conformity to recognised industry quality standards.


EU approves extension of LNG terminal in Świnoujście, Poland

Under EU State aid rules, the European Commission has approved Polish plans to support the increase of the regasification capacity (from 5 to 7.5 billion cubic metres per year), as well the development of additional functionalities, of the LNG terminal in Świnoujście, Poland.


Nordic American Tankers: Scrubbers an unnecessary risk

In an event in late February, Bermuda-based Nordic American Tankers Ltd (NAT) reiterated that scrubbers are not a solution for the company, in view of the 2020 sulphur cap, and it will 'not take on risk it does not have to'.


Information on port Beira, Mozambique after the cyclone

The Swedish Club informed that the port of Beira has sustained only limited damages, but the roads are still not accessible due to the flooding. Specifically, on March 14, the Central region of Mozambique and most particularly the city of Beira were heavily affected by Cyclone IDAI. There has been extensive wind and water damage to the city and surrounding area with loss of lives, property and no electricity and water available.


How to improve the chances of success: Making the most of every day

On average, an individual has an 8 to 12-hour work day, with a minimum of ten hours rest period. Are you that type of person who is spending his/her rest period trying to “check boxes” and improve on the things you’re not good at? Have you ever thought what really matters to success?


Dos and Don’ts for mentally strong people

“Kick your bad mental habits and toughen yourself up!” This is Amy Morin’s motto, author of “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do.” In this SAFETY4SEA article we narrow them down in 10 dos and don’ts after having already broached the matter of difficult co-workers and how they drain us of the mental strength we need, in previous Opinion Article.


How to build a larger brain

Perfection is not defining success and development. People don’t always have to be the top of everything or the richest and the most famous; possessing fancy titles and/or climbing the corporate ladder. Most of the times in order to rise and shine, you need to build a larger brain, ignore self-defeating mindsets and focus on your willingness to step forward a different you.

Cyber Security

Norsk Hydro cyber-attack a clear indicator of cyber risk

After a cyber attack recently hit Norsk Hydro, the threat of hacking has once again been imminent for maritime companies, warns Nor-Shipping. Namely, Per Martin Tanggaard, Director of Nor-Shipping, stated that this attack is a showcase of the increasing risk that maritime and ocean companies face.

Cyber Security

ABS, SecurityGate partner to provide cyber risk analysis

ABS Advanced Solutions (ABS) announced that it started a collaboration with SecurityGate, in order to offer an in-depth cyber risk analysis solution. The solution will enter the ABS proprietary FCI Cyber Risk Methodology into the SecurityGate SaaS platform.


NYK presents market analysis initiatives via AI and big data

On March 18, NYK presented its new initiatives, using AI and big data analysis of the dry-bulk market, at a symposium cosponsored by the Japan Shipping Exchange Inc. and the Japan Society of Logistics and Shipping Economics.


OCIMF withdraws six publications

OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum) informed that it has withdrawn a series of books and information papers. The publications seek help the safe and environmentally responsible operation of oil tankers, terminals and offshore support vessels, promoting continuous improvement in standards of design and operation.


Hull Biofouling – old problem, new challenges

During his presentation at the last GREEN4SEA Conference, Mr. David Nichol, Senior Loss Prevention Executive, UK P&I Club, provided a brief overview of old and new challenges surrounding biofouling and what is in store for the future.


IMO's Sub-Committee agrees on Polar life-saving appliances guidelines

In light of the Ship Systems and Equipment (SSE 6) meeting conducted by IMO's Sub-Committee on 4-8 March 2019, the participants agreed to draft interim guidelines on life-saving appliances and arrangements for ships operating in polar waters.

Maritime Health

How to handle electrical injuries onboard

An electrical power failure onboard not only jeopardizes vessel’s safe operations but also may be linked to electrical hazards, putting at risk crew lives, especially electricians’ who are responsible to handle these systems onboard, and also personnel attempting electrical power connections during shipbuilding, ship repair or ship breaking.


El Faro: Assessing Captain’s failures

The sinking of the container ship 'El Faro' in October 2015, claiming the title of one of the biggest marine tragedies in the recent history of US, was largely attributed to the Captain's wrong assessment of the conditions. Anastasios Chrysikopoulos, Chief Officer at Maran Dry Management Inc. analyzed the casualty focusing on the Captain's actions which identified human error as the key lesson to be learned from the El Faro loss.


US Court sentences man to four years for Seaman’s Manslaughter

US Attorney Halsey B. Frank announced that a 30-year-old man from Cushing, Maine was sentenced in US District Court by Judge D. Brock Hornby to four years in prison and three years of supervised release for Seaman’s Manslaughter for causing the death of two crewmen who were then 26 and 15 years old. The man pleaded guilty on September 25, 2018.


Fearnleys: VLCC activity 'far disappointing' last week

In its weekly report for 12-20 March, Fearnleys said that VLCC activity has been far disappointing, the market for Aframaxes trading in the North Sea and Baltic came off significantly, while for the Suezmax type, continued sparse activity in the West has allowed Charterers to pull rates even further down.


OPEC crude production falls to lowest level in four years

OPEC crude production reduced by 240,000 b/d in February to 30.68 million b/d, which is the lowest level in 4 years. According to Gibson Shipbrokers, February numbers indicate a significant over compliance, with Saudi Arabia leading efforts to implement cuts with a 153% compliance rate, some 170,000 b/d already below their overall target.


US FERC issues final environmental impact statement for Texas LNG project

The staff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has prepared a final environmental impact statement (FEIS) for the Texas LNG Project proposed by Texas LNG Brownsville, LLC (Texas LNG).