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PSC Focus

ISM Compliance Assessment Tool

USCG issued in August 2005, the NVIC 04-05, containing guidance to ensure foreign vessel compliance with the requirements of ISM Code as well as a complete assessment tool to assist PSCOs when elevating a PSC Exam to an expanded examination of the Safety Management System. ISM 1.1.11 Are deficiencies present that pose a serious threat to personnel, the ship, or serious risk to the environment, and require immediate corrective action? ISM 1.1.11 Is there an apparent lack of effective and systematic implementation of a requirement of the ISM Code?

Maritime Knowledge

USCG Guidelines on ISM Code

A series of vessel accidents in the late 1980s linked to human error,  suggested a link between the increase in accidents and management faults, urging for measures on the safe operation of ships and pollution prevention. In response, IMO adopted the ISM Code, which is mandatory for certain vessels engaged on an international voyage. In an effort to assist with the effective implementation, USCG has issued guidelines, concerning compliance with the requirement of Chapter IX of SOLAS under USCG PSC Programme for both US-flagged and non US flagged vessels.

Maritime Knowledge

Safety Management: Evaluating a Crew Resource Management training

Maritime Crew Resource Management (MCRM) training is of outmost importance for the shipping industry; it focuses on Bridge Resource Management and Engine Room Resource Management including performance monitoring, drills and exercises with simulators or videos and feedback procedures. CRM focuses on interpersonal communication, leadership, and decision making in the cockpit of an airliner. CRM training concepts have been modified for application to a wide range of activities where people must make dangerous time-critical decisions.

Loss Prevention

OCIMF, Intertanko recommendations after UAE sabotage act

In a joint statement OCIMF and Intertanko commented that the sabotage act against four vessels in UAE territorial waters seems to be well-planned and coordinated. They both noted that it appears that each vessel was attacked by a sub-surface explosive device placed by either a remotely-operated vessel or diver. Both types of delivery method are more likely to happen when vessels are near stationary or in a very restricted waterway.


ITF urges Transport Canada to ban ships lashing on St Lawrence River

On the aftermath of the man overboard incident involving the container ship 'Maersk Patras', the ITF called on the Transport Canada to ban foreign-crew from undertaking dangerous lashing work while vessels are underway in the Saint Lawrence river.


Two vessels collide in Marmara Sea while heading to Dardanelles

The bulk carrier 'Persenk' collided with the cargo ship 'Ahmet Can' on Saturday, May 18, while sailing in the Marmara Sea. The incident took place between the Marmara island and the Port ofTekirdag, European Turkey.


UN cuts economic growth forecast due to trade tensions

Due to unresolved trade tensions, high international policy uncertainty and declining business confidence, the UN announced on May 21, a broad-based slowdown in the global economy and cut its growth predictions.


Ro-ro on fire during operation in Norway

According to local Sandefjord Blad, Bohus, a passenger/cargo ro-ro was on fire, on Thursday, May 16, 2019. The fire incident took place at the Framnes quay in Sandefjord, Norway.  The vessel had to be ventilated soon after the fire was extinguished.


EU to provide 155 million euros in boosting security in Gulf of Guinea

Mr Kurt Cornelis, Head of Cooperation, EU Delegation to Nigeria and ECOWAS, announced in a press conference that the EU decided to support the implementation of strategies in maritime, fisheries and illegal drug trafficking that are taking place in the Gulf of Guinea.


BIMCO, Intertanko publish Q&As for ships with scrubbers

BIMCO and Intertanko have jointly published Q&As addressing the contractual implications owners and charterers consider when chartering ships fitted with scrubbers. The Q&As highlight the key charter party clauses and concepts which should be analyzed for both time and voyage charter parties.


Addressing the Passive Aggressive Behaviours in the workplace

We all have had a coworker who on the surface appears to be agreeable and supportive, but behind the scenes sabotages others. This hidden anger which comes out indirectly and results in spoiling relationships, often characterized as the “cancer of organizations” and it has a name; Passive Aggressive Behaviour.


How to build a larger brain

Perfection is not defining success and development. People don’t always have to be the top of everything or the richest and the most famous; possessing fancy titles and/or climbing the corporate ladder. Most of the times in order to rise and shine, you need to build a larger brain, ignore self-defeating mindsets and focus on your willingness to step forward a different you.


Leadership is a marathon, not a sprint

Millennials have begun filling leadership roles in workplaces but faced with some common challenges like situations that test their skills, mindset but also their patience and consistency. Many of them strive to deliver performance, while others just enjoy the director’s position and sadly destroy their team’s performance. But what separates the first from the latter?


Draft amendments on Steel Ships Guidance

The Korean Register of Shipping issued a draft amendment on the rules for the Classification of Steel Ships Guidance 1 revised section, noting that the Class is committed to developing the Rules to meet the latest technical and customer requirements. Therefore, it calls its members in case of any comments to inform the Class until Friday, June 7, 2019. For vessels of age less than 5 years the survey is to take the form of an Annual Survey.

Energy Efficiency

IMO strengthens energy efficiency targets for some ships

During the 74th session of its Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 74), concluded Friday, IMO agreed stricter energy efficiency targets for certain types of ships, as part of its efforts to reduce shipping emissions. The accelerated targets for containers, general cargo ships, hybrid diesel-electric cruise ships, and LPG and LNG carriers cover about 40% of CO2 emitted from ships subject to energy efficiency regulations.

Green Shipping

US releases 2020 Energy and Water Development Funding Bill

The US House Appropriations Committee released the draft fiscal year 2020 Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies funding bill. The legislation funds the US Army Corps of Engineers, Department of the Interior programs, the Department of Energy, and other related agencies. The bill makes critical investments to mitigate climate change and improve US’s water infrastructure.


Marine insurance blockchain tech sees another participant

Insurwave Limited, a marine insurance blockchain joint venture company from EY and Guardtime, announced a new agreement with Zhuhai Port Holdings Group to collaborate on the development of frictionless trade processes across China’s Greater Bay Area, and onward into international supply chains.


New marine simulator centre considered key to UK Maritime 2050

A £7m new marine simulator centre has been officially opened at Solent University in Southampton. Presenting the new simulator, UK Chamber of Shipping president Sir Michael Bibby said it should play a vital role in delivering UK's Maritime 2050 policy objectives. Facilities at the site include eight full-mission bridge simulators.


Microsoft to power its data centers with offshore wind power

On May 22, Microsoft announced a new wind energy agreement in the Netherlands. Microsoft will buy 90 MW from the 731.5 MW offshore wind project, Borssele III/IV, from Dutch sustainable energy company and wind farm developer Eneco. Eneco will provide Microsoft’s data centers with green power for 15 years beginning in 2022.


Understanding Fatigue: Why we get tired and what can we do about it?

Fatigue is a hazard that affects safety, health and well-being. A long-term fatigue may result in health disorders (physical and mental), insidious onset, persists over time, multi-factor causes, significantly affects behavior and wellbeing.

Women in shipping

Women in leadership roles boost company performance, says new report

Businesses with genuine gender diversity, particularly at senior level, perform better and see significant profit increases, according to a new report from the Bureau for Employers’ Activities of the ILO. The report says that gender diversity effects beneficially when women hold 30% of senior management and leadership positions, although almost 60% of enterprises do not meet this target.


IG Clubs updates FAQs on MLC

The International Group has recently published some further revised FAQs on the Maritime Labour Convention (2006). These FAQs reflect the experiences that Clubs have experienced in dealing with MLC matters.


Hurtigruten, partner to power vessels with dead fish

Hurtigruten, expedition cruise line signed a deal with Norway-based Biokraft to supply climate-neutral liquified biogas (LBG) – and power ships with fuel made from dead fish and other organic waste.


Transneft to compensate those affected from contaminated oil, if proven

According to Reuters, Russia’s state pipeline monopoly Transneft will compensate all parties for losses incurred from contaminated oil, under the condition that they prove the damage, a government official said on Thursday, May 22, as the first European refinery declared force majeure.


Novatek sings agreement for LNG regasification project in Vietnam

Novatek announced that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ninh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee to develop an integrated energy-generating project with the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) within the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.