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NTSB investigation: Overheating of electrical wiring led to Grand Sun fire

The US NTSB issued an investigation report on the explosion and fire onboard the offshore supply vessel 'Grand Sun' while in the Gulf of Mexico, in October 2018. The report identified overheating of electrical wiring, associated with a chest freezer or the receptacle powering it, as key cause of the accident.


RMI investigation: Poor risk assessment linked to Pilot's fatal fall

The Republic of the Marshall Islands Maritime Administrator issued an investigation report on the fatality of a Pilot while disembarking a ship and attempting to transfer from the pilot ladder to an escort tugboat off the Port of Tuapse, Russia, in the early morning hours of 30 December 2018. According to the forensic report, the Pilot’s death “occurred as a result of drowning in water.”


Investigation report: Before approaching loaded container ensure release of the spreader

The Japan Transport Safety Board focuses on a fatality which took place during container loading operations at the Nabeta wharf, Yatomi city, Aichi Prefecture, where a Stevedore lost their life after he got caught between two containers, and was then pronounced dead by a doctor.


Embracing sustainability within maritime industry: 10 key practices

Lately, the industry has been driven by raised ambitions and accelerated actions with respect to sustainability. More and more shipping companies are moving toward long-term CSR practices. Organizations develop sustainable business aiming at improving their social conscience and environmental responsibility. Do you wonder which the key areas of focus are toward an even more sustainable shipping industry in the future?


ExxonMobil found not guilty for misleading investors charges

The New York State Supreme Court officially announced that ExxonMobil is now clear of the Office Attorney General's fraud charges in misleading investors about the accounting for the cost of the future climate change regulation.In light of the situation, ExxonMobil issued its response to the Court's verdict. With the Attorney General accusing that ExxonMobil wasn't honest with the investors, the New York Supreme Court Justice Barry Ostrager found that the company isn't guilty.


8 armed robberies against ships in Asia in November

A total of eight incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in November 2019, according to ReCAAP ISC monthly piracy report. The total number of incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships reported during January-November 2019 has decreased by 4%, but the number of actual incidents has increased by 3% compared to January-November 2018.


Pirates free all nine MV Bonita crew

JJ Ugland released a statement informing that the nine crewmembers that were kidnapped in November were released in Nigeria and brought to a safe place in Southern Nigeria, waiting for the preparations so that they can return home.


Achille Lauro hijacking: A tragic example of maritime terrorism

As part of its ‘Learn from the past’ series, SAFETY4SEA remembers the hijacking of the cruise ship ‘Achille Lauro’ in 1985 by four heavily armed Palestinian militants who posed as passengers, resulting to the brutal murder of one passenger. The attack lasted only two days but spurred a global concern over the shaping dimensions of maritime terrorism.


Fishing vessel runs aground as Captain fell asleep

NTSB published its report on the 2018 grounding of a fishing vessel near Point Reyes, California. The five crew of the ship remained on the vessel, until receiving assistance from the USCG. There were no pollution or injuries.


DNV GL signs strategic agreement with CSSC

DNV GL along with China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) came together and inked an agreement to develop future-proof solutions and competencies related to alternative fuels and environmentally friendly technologies and overall advantage a variety of fields in the shipping industry.


Crushing the “ANTs”: The alternative to toxic thoughts

“I can’t do much”, “This always happens to me”, “My whole day is ruined”. Do you hear similar “ANTs” buzzing around in your ears, sabotaging your best self? The wide field of ANT (Automatic Negative Thinking) is gaining more and more popularity lately. Having already discussed the “Cognitive Behavior Theory” in previous SAFETY4SEA Issues, it is high time we address where negative thoughts come from and explain the consequences, they bring to both our personal and professional life.


Why body language is important in the workplace

What does your sitting style or your voice tone say? What message do you send when you cross your arms? Mastering body language can have an effect not only on job interviews, presentations and social occasions, but also on your brain! Through this article you are going to understand how to get the most out of your body language or even how to be able to 'read' another person's postures and gestures; an amazing skill everyone wishes to have!


Leadership is a marathon, not a sprint: Do’s and don’ts

As Millennials have begun filling leadership roles in workplaces, they are faced with some common challenges; situations that test their skills, their mindset but also their patience and consistency. There are leaders who strive to deliver performance and leaders who just enjoy the director’s position and simply destroy their team’s performance. But what separates the first vs the latter? Certainly, the way they handle daily challenges at workplace!


EU issues green finance taxonomy, tackling 'green-washing'

The European Union along with its officials are making their efforts to advance the green investments in Europe, by bringing to the table the idea of easing the EU banking rules. The idea highlights the environmental ambitions of the next European Commission and the EU’s executive, which is going to be voted for a five-year term the following Wednesday, 4 December.


Argentina issues new regulations for navigation

Argentina’s regulatory body on safety and environment, REGINAVE, launched some new changes providing the ability to the Argentinean Coast Guard to impose fines on foreign seafarers and shipowners for breaches of maritime and environmental laws. This comes in addition to the level of fines which has severely increased.

Ship Recycling

Shipping recycling updates: What to expect in 2020

Lately the shipping industry has shed its focus on the 2020 sulphur cap, however, other important regulatory updates are expected to become effective from January 1st  as well; for instance in the area of ship recycling, the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) is going to bring changes for which operators need to be aware of for compliance with the requirements of both Hong Kong Convention and EU-Ship Recycling Regulation.


NAPA and key industry players to improve passenger ship safety

NAPA, maritime software, services and data analysis provider, collaborates with more than 20 industry leaders and academic bodies, part of the European Commission funded FLARE project to develop a risk-based methodology that will assist “live” flooding risk assessment and control for the passenger sector.


Data sharing vital for a digital culture in shipping

Andreas Chrysostomou, CEO, Marine Fields explains how shipping may effectively use data, which is rightly characterized as the ‘Gold of the digital age’ and refers to his company data sharing platform, Perseus, that aims to enhance the predictability of port call operations.


SHI and SK Telecom test a 5G-powered ship

The Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) in collaboration with the telecommunications operator SK Telecom (SKT) came together for the development and verification of a 5-G based autonomous and remote control navigation test platform, with the use of a test ship developed by SHI.

Women in shipping

Women in leadership positions will boost the shipping sector

Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, President, World Maritime University (WMU), discusses shipping industry and the role women play in the sector.


Wellness at sea: Is life onboard getting better for seafarers?  

Less than two months after the maritime community celebrated the World Mental Health Day putting suicide of seafarers in the spotlight, a new Yale study came to confirm concerns of suicidal thoughts among the world’s seafarers.

Maritime Health

Tips to address loneliness at sea

Separation from family and loved persons, combined with poor connectivity and multi-nationality and even limited recreational activity, creates a sense of loneliness and isolation for seafarers.


$1.8 billion shipbuilding deal to face EU probe

Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings Co Ltd’s $1.8 billion merger with rival shipbuilder Daewoo is expected to face a full-scale investigation in Europe due to serious EU antitrust concerns, Reuters reports.


China's imports on four crucial commodities show growth

China's imports of crucial commodities are presenting a rapid development the last months, showing that Beijing's efforts may lead to a fruitful outcome and its trade dispute with the US may not be as harmful as expected, according to Reuters' Clyde Russell.


HHLA to become climate neutral until 2040

The Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) announced its new goal, concerning the entire group to become climate-neutral, until 2040. HHLA is going to make every effort to protect the environment as it has already implemented a sustainability strategy under the ‘Balanced Logistics’ brand.