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USCG: BWM compliance in the US in 2017

The BWM plan should include routine shipboard operations and contingencies for those situations when compliance with the BWM requirements is not possible, USCG advised.

PSC Focus

USCG: PSC detentions decrease in 2017

USCG's PSC Annual Report showed a rise in detentions related to fire fighting, for the fourth straight year. MARPOL Annex I deficiencies, which had been on the decline over the past several years, rose slightly in 2017.

PSC Focus

PSC results optimistic for Australian ports in 2017

AMSA report indicates a significant fall in the detention rate in Australian ports to 5.3% ;the lowest since 2006 - with a detention rate of 4.5%.


Green Shipping

NZ new vessel biofouling rules in effect this May

From May 2018, all vessels arriving in New Zealand will need to have a clean hull, meaning that vessels staying longer than 20 days or visiting places that aren't places of first arrival will only be allowed a slime layer and goose barnacles.


7 Digital trends that will transform container shipping

Regarding digital transformation in container shipping, BGC reports that the industry has failed to adapt to the digital age and suggest ways that will facilitate shipping transformation to a digitalized future.


Tips for successful Management of Change

Change Management includes all actions with the aim to change the behaviors of people & organizations. The most difficult part is to make the first step, thus to recognize the need for a change.


2018 GREEN4SEA Awards
The awards focus exclusively on initiatives and individuals who foster Environmental Excellence & Sustainable Shipping, following a combination of open nomination and audience-vote.

2018 GREEN4SEA Confrence
The 2event successfully concluded in March, at the Lighthouse at SNFCC, attracting 750 delegates from 20 countries representing a total of 350 organizations.

Lessons Learned


Leak by damaged pipe causes fire to Ro-Ro's engine room

While a coastal Ro-Ro passenger vessel was at berth, it was using a auxiliary boiler to provide onboard accommodation heating, while the engines were not operating. After the boiler began working, fire broke out near the boiler, caused by a leak.


Improper tightening of a pipe plug causes fire to vehicle carrier

NTSB released a report about the fire onboard the vehicle carrier Alliance St. Louis. The vessel had began from Port Arthur, Texas, heading to Jacksonville, Florida, when a pipe plug on the fuel pump for the main engine’s no. 6 cylinder came loose, causing fuel spray onto the engine’s hot exhaust gas pipe manifold.

Loss Prevention

Do's and Don'ts for fire safety on ferries

Cars, lorries and refrigerated containers, all of these have combustible material and their own fire hazards, something which a ship’s crew cannot easily control. The Standard P&I Club issued a master’s guide to raise awareness of fire risks on ferries.

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ADA website accessibility lawsuits increased in 2017

US-based Blank Rome law firm informed that, during the last year, there has been a substantial rise in lawsuits filed against many consumer-facing websites regarding violations of Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Non-comformities found at Shell's "Draugen" platform

From 5 to 8 February 2018, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) conducted an audit of Norske Shell and the company's management of technical barriers at the "Draugen" platform and found four non-conformities.

Loss Prevention

ITF calls Hutchison to improve safety conditions

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) urged Hutchison Ports to address the series of serious health and safety incidents across their global operations, as a dockworker is still in a critical condition after workplace collision at the company’s Port Botany terminal.



LNG tanker breaches safety rules in Northern Sea Route

The Cyprus-flagged LNG tanker 'Boris Vilkitsky', owned by Greek company Dynagas, entered the Northern Sea Route (NSR) with a number of deficiencies, violating several safety rules, according to the Russian NSR Administration.

Green Shipping

Scrubbers not a definite solution for 2020 sulphur cap compliance

Scrubbers as a measure to comply with the sulphur cap in 2020 would be a quick fix, according to Wartsila's director of exhaust gas cleaning, Sigurd Jenssen, and more drastic measures are needed.


LNG demand to decrease until 2022

The uptake of LNG demand in 2017, is not expected to continue in 2018, with a further decrease to take place during 2019-22. Supply overcapacity in this period will be less than it was expected, because of commissioning delays of new export projects.




EU investigates potential tax fraud at Port of Piraeus

The European Union and Italian authorities are investigating a suspected tax fraud by Chinese criminals, who are reportedly importing goods through Greece’s largest port of Piraeus, which is considered a trade gateway between China and Europe.


US concerned about COSCO's acquisition of Long Beach terminal

US are reportedly concerned about a takeover by the Chinese COSCO, regarding a large container terminal in Long Beach, California. The terminal is part of COSCO's plan to buy the shipping company Orient Overseas International.

Short Sea

World’s largest short sea Ro-Ro ship named in Dublin port

The world’s largest short sea Ro-Ro vessel, owned by Luxembourg-based CLdN, was christened in a ceremony at Dublin Port, on 20 April. With a capacity of 8,000 lane-meters, 'MV Celine' represents the next generation of super ferries servicing the Irish Port.