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In a sea full of media noise, it seems like an impossible task for your brand to find its voice.

Whether it’s a new product or an important development, the effort to put the word out there often requires resources that are not always available.


SAFETY4SEA is here to offer full-service exposure packages to bring your brand to the surface.

Exposure Content & Duration

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  1. Above feature details apply to each article of the packages.
  2. The featured image of the article(s), if you wish to provide one, should be 900×530 px (WxH), in JPG format. Otherwise, an appropriate stock photo will be selected for illustration purposes, noting same in caption.
  3. The logo, if you wish to provide one, should be in high resolution, preferably in EPS, PDF or equivalent format.
  4. Embedded media may include photos, graphics, social media posts and videos. The videos should be already hosted in one of the streaming platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc), and the embed code, as generated by the platforms, should be provided.
  5. The PDF file should be provided and will be hosted in our servers, in order to be displayed via the embedded player, with the option to download file, if preferred.
  6. The right sidebar banner linking to the article will be prepared by SAFETY4SEA, while the right sidebar linking to corporate website should be provided by you, in 300×100 px (WxH), JPG or animated GIF (max file size 5MB, infinite loop advisable). Banner will be visible on the website in line with the duration of the agreement.

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Content Marketing