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Photos show damage to Yantian Express after fire

After a fire broke out in one container on the deck of the Yantian Express, earlier in January, photos have now emerged depicting the damage that the fire caused to the Yantian Express’ cargo. Now, the situation is under control and the ship is being towed to Halifax.

Fire-hit Maersk Honam to be shipped to Hyundai Heavy for rebuilding

The ultra large container ship ‘Maersk Honam’ is to be shipped to South Korea for rebuilding, nine months after she sustained a major fire resulting in five fatalities. The heavy-lift vessel Xin Guan Hua wil transport the 228.5-meter-long sound section, from midship to stern, to Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Two additional tugs to assist Yantian Express

After a fire broke out on the the deck of the Yantian Express, on 3 January, Hapag Lloyd informed that a decision was made to evacuate the crew. The fire is under control and two additional tugs were sent to assist the vessel. The newly-added tugs are the DonJon-owned Atlantic Enterprise and the Boskalis AHTS Sovereign, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. 

Treating burns and scalds onboard

Seafarers should be very cautious when handling hot pipelines, steams and fires to avoid burns and scalds. Burns and scalds are damage to the skin caused by wet heat, electricity, or chemicals; both are treated in the same way while the amount of pain that the patient feels isn’t always related to how serious the burn is. Even a very serious burn may be relatively painless.

Search continues for missing crew after tanker explosion

Hong Kong authorities are still searching for two crew members that are missing after fire and explosion took place on board the tanker Aulac Fortune on January 8. As a result of the incident, one crew member was killed. Hong Kong’s Fire Department deployed teams to help divers in their attempt to find the missing seafarers.

Hapag-Lloyd: Container fire on ‘Yantian Express’ now under control

“Efforts to extinguish the fire have made continuous progress under the direction of the salvage company Smit and in cooperation with the Hapag-Lloyd crew on the scene as well as Hapag-Lloyd’s emergency-response team in Hamburg,” Hapag-Lloyd informed after the container fire on ‘Yantian Express’.

Fire breaks out at Rio Tinto port

Rio Tinto closed part of its Cape Lambert iron-ore export terminal in Western Australia, as a fire broke out on January 10. According to the company the fire was put out, while there were no injuries. Now the operations have started again, but some areas that are affected the most are still closed.

Salvage tug to tow Sincerity Ace

A salvage tug is carrying out a search and recovery mission for the five missing crewmembers of the Sincerity Ace, which caught fire northwest of Oahu on the high seas, on December 31. The tug will now perform its own search for the missing before taking the Sincerity Ace in tow and bringing the ship to a port of refuge.

Swedish Club: How to prevent engine room fires

Between 2008 and 2017, the Swedish Club received 28 reports about engine room fires. Fires may take place with very low frequency when compared with other types of damage, but the consequences can be severe. For this reason, the Swedish Club presents ways to prevent such incidents from happening.

Hapag Lloyd’s fire-hit container ship to be towed to Halifax

The commercial tugboat Maersk Mobiliser will tow Hapag Lloyd’s fire-stricken container ship to Halifax, New Scotland, the US Coast Guard informed in an official update. The fire broke out on 3 January in one of the containers onboard the 7,510 TEU container ship ‘Yantian Express’ about 1,015 miles northeast of Bermuda.


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