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IUMI: Time to take action on container ship fires

The shipping industry has witnessed many fire incidents on container ships this year, some of which have resulted to fatalities and others to economic losses; Thus, IUMI, in a recent forum, took the chance to alert on the situation and call the shipping industry to improve its existent onboard firefighting systems and seafarers’ training, as both seem to lack of efficiency in these challenging times.

Piper Alpha: The world’s deadliest offshore oil disaster

Over 30 years after the Piper Alpha oil platform suffered multiple explosions off Scotalnd taking lives of 167 people, SAFETY4SEA analyzes the North Sea disaster which made the oil and gas industry to look safety in new terms.

M/V Conception’s operator suspends all operations

Truth Aquatics, the operator of Conception has halted its operations due to many federal investigations taking part for the vessel’s loss, commenting that it is important to make their boats models with new regulation to continue cooperating with NTSB and the Coast Guard. 

Photos: Russian trawler on fire in Tromsø

The Norwegian Coastal Administration released photos from a fire incident involving the Russian trawler ‘Bukhta Naezdnik’. The NCA was called to assist in the extinguishing work when a fire erupted on the Russian trawler, while at the quay in Tromsø, on 25 September.

Watch: Tanker fire injures ten in South Korea

Ten people have been injured after a fire that broke out on the Stolt Groenland, a 43,478dwt tanker spread to the Bow Dalian, a 9,118dwt tanker, while in the Port of Ulsan, South Korea, on Saturday 29 September.

Watch: General cargo catches fire in Russia

The general cargo ship ‘Volgo-Balt 205’ caught fire in Russia on Wednesday, September  27 at about 0400 Moscow time, near Tolyatti city, Volga river, Central Russia. The 12 crewmembers evacuated the vessel when it caught fire; Thus, there were no injuries reported.

Fire risks in cargo areas

It is not an easy task to deal with a fire in the cargo hold, or any area of the ship for that matter, and surely any fire situation onboard a ship needs to be taken seriously. Normally all precautions are taken to ensure that inflammable cargoes are kept in isolated conditions.


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