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Paris MoU detains vessel in port of Oristano, Italy

Paris MoU denied M/V AKASYA 1 access in its region, and detained the vessel in port of Oristano, Italy, on May 21, 2019. This is the third detention in the Paris MoU region within the last 24 months. The ship flies the flag of Comoros which is black on the current Paris MoU WGB list.

Padre bulk carrier detention: Crew not scared to speak about their safety

In January 2008, three crew members of the Liberian-flagged bulk carrier ‘Padre’ told a local seafarer’s charity that they feared for their safety onboard. Thorough inspection shortly after identified key safety issues and the ship was detained immediately, while ISM certification was withdrawn.

Oil tanker detained in Malaysia due to lack of anchoring permit

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency detained the crude oil tanker ‘MT Saiq’ over lack of anchoring permit, on May 21. The vessel was anchored off Pulau Jarak since May 16, and failed to submit a permit to anchor. After the detention, the ship and all of its 25 crewmembers, along with their Captain were detained as well.

Several RMI-flagged ships detained in US in 2019, SMS key cause

The US Coast Guard has detained several Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI)-flagged ships operating in the US during the first quarter of 2019, for purportedly failing to follow, or fully implement, a Safety Management System (SMS), the RMI announced. 

Ship detentions in Paris MoU region during April

The Paris MoU has issued its list of detentions for April 2019, containing information about ships detained in the region during the month under review. The details of detentions are entered in the information system of the Paris MoU after the ship has been released.

List of ships detained in UK in March 2019

The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) announced that one vessel was detained during March, whereas seven foreign flagged ships remained under detention in UK ports during March 2019 after failing Port State Control (PSC) inspection.

Paris MoU refuses access to cargo vessel

Paris MoU released a statement according to which, the cargo vessel ‘Agios Rafail’ was denied access in the Paris MoU region. Specifically, the Moldova-flagged ship was detained in Pula, Croatia, on April 16, 2019. Mainly, this is the third detention to occur in the Paris MoU region in the timeframe of three years.

Watch: Vietnamese coast guard cutter collides with Indonesian navy ship

A video widely shared on social media reportedly shows a Vietnamese coast guard ship hitting an Indonesian navy ship Monday, after the navy intercepted a boat it says was fishing illegally in its waters. Indonesian authorities detained 12 Vietnamese fishermen from the vessel.

Libya seizes US-sanctioned Iranian container ship

Libya seized a sanctioned Iranian ship off the coast of Misrata, as there were claims that it was carrying weapons. The container Shahr E Kord had left Bulgaria, with Misrata in western Libya being its destination. According to the interior ministry, the container ship was loaded with 144 containers. As a result, the attorney general ordered the seizure and an investigation of the ship.

List of ships detained in UK in February 2019

In its monthly review of ship detentions, the UK MCA announced that nine foreign-flagged ships remained under detention in UK ports during February 2019 after failing Port State Control (PSC) inspection. From these, four were new detentions that took place within February. 


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