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Steps to be taken to prevent malaria

Gard Club issued an alert concerning malaria which remains one of the world’s leading killers and seafarers must not lower their guard when visiting an area where there is a risk of exposure to this mosquito-borne disease. The progress in fighting malaria has levelled off. 

MPA Singapore alerts on sea survey off raffles reserved anchorage

MPA Singapore issued an alert concerning vessels’ sailing through specific working areas at the port of Singapore. Specifically, the port marine notice focuses on mariners that are to operate off raffles reserved anchorage that they should be careful when sailing through the working area.

Update on Yemen ports situation

The North of England P&I Club correspondent has confirmed the situation with regard port status in Yemen, as of 17 April. The Club advised Masters to remain in close contact with the appointed agent and have all cargo documentation ready when requested by officials.

USCG: Few days left to schedule inspections under Subchapter M

USCG reminded owners and operators of towing vessels to ensure that 25% of their fleet has received a Certificate of Inspection before 22 July 2019, under Subchapter M. They must also schedule a vessel’s inspection before 22 April 2019 if the COI is expected to be received in the first year.

Ukraine asks for the release of ships and seafarers with International Court Appeal

Ukraine issued an appeal to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS), asking Russia’s release of three detained Ukrainian navy vessels and the twenty four crewmembers that were onboard. Ukraine asked the Tribunal to preserve the respective rights of the parties to the dispute or to prevent serious harm to the marine environment.

Tankers must cool decks while transiting Panama Canal

Standard Club informed that tankers have been issued with new deck-cooling orders by the Panama Canal Authority. The orders take effect from this month and regard all crude, product and chemical tankers carrying cargoes with flashpoints of less than 18 degrees. The move was made to ensure the safety of canal operations, as well as to reduce disruptions in transit scheduling.

Stowaways may cause delays and expenses to vessels

Steamship’s Captain Ken Robson, member of the Loss Prevention Team, issued an Alert on the risks and possible expenses a company could face in the event of stowaways. According to the Captain ‘stowaways could be an expensive and time consuming problem for members and the Club’.

MPA Singapore on mooring and unmooring at Tuas Finger One project area

MPA Singapore issued an alert on the mooring and unmooring of vessels that will be carried out one at a time during daylight hours between 0700hrs to 1800hrs.The procedures will take place from April 18 to October 17, 2019. The location of the mooring and unmooring will be at the Tuas View Reclamation Project Area.

USCG alerts on confined space entry after three fatalities

The USCG has issued a Safety Alert on the dangers of confined space entry , in light of a recent casualty where three people were asphyxiated on a drilling rig (MODU). The Coast Guard says that Studies have shown that people often miss the obvious cues of a situation while under stress and because their focus is upon another effort or action that needs to be accomplished.

FOBAS alerts on high acid number at Fujairah port

The previous week FOBAS tested a number of fuels from Fujairah that contained elevated acid number (TAN). The tested TAN values were all well above the average for the port (0.12mgKOH/g). Therefore, FOBAS alerts that any such contaminants even at low levels contravenes the stipulations of Revised MARPOL Annex VI regulation 18.3 and International Marine Fuel Standard ISO 8217, Clause 5.


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