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Career Paths: Mia Elg, Deltamarin

Mia Elg, R&D Manager, Deltamarin, wishes the industry to make the transition to sustainable shipping more efficient. In that regard, the interesting challenge would really be to influence in the behavior of entire systems, Mrs Elg notes, highlighting that there are many ways to optimize both environmental and economical performance in shipping.

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Career Paths: Adam Parnell, CHIRP Maritime

Mr. Adam Parnell, Director (Maritime), CHIRP, says that the maritime career offers many opportunities for both personal and professional growth and advise us to start actively networking and invest in continuous learning. With regards to safety incident reporting, Mr. Parnell says that the picture picture is missing; in that regard, CHIRP Maritime are focusing on data-sharing partnerships.

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Career Paths: Raal Harris, Ocean Technologies Group

Mr. Harris advises us always to be present and listen to others both in personal and professional lives while he wishes the whole industry would realize the real value of investing in people. ''With the challenges we face as an industry we are going to need to take a long-term approach to how we attract, develop and nurture talent.'' he said, highlighting the importance of ensuring diversity at all levels to truly innovate.

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