Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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Career Paths: Jacob Damgaard, Britannia P&I

In our special column, we are glad to host an interview with Mr. Jacob Damgaard, Associate Director - Loss Prevention, Britannia P&I, who highlights the importance of understanding and respecting other cultures towards achieving success. Mr. Damgaard had the chance to work at sea with many different nationalities that taught him a lot about foreign cultures and customs.

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Career Paths: Darryl Anderson, Mercy Ships Canada

In our special column, we are glad to host an interview with Darryl Anderson, Executive Director, Mercy Ships Canada who is proud of being part of a global leadership team that envisions to strengthen healthcare systems in Africa.  As explained, in 2021, Mercy Ships will take delivery of a new purpose-built hospital ship, the MV Global Mercy. This new hospital ship will join current vessel, the MV Africa Mercy, serving a new generation of patients and volunteers.

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Career Paths: Johanna Kull, ALANDIA

In our special column, we are glad to host an interview with Johanna Kull, Loss Prevention Executive at ALANDIA, who enjoys her role as she is able to learn a lot about the whole shipping industry and at the same time to share her knowledge in behaviour/ social science and psychology to the industry. Mrs Kull advises us to focus on things that bring benefit to ourselves; although it takes training to refocus, it is worth spending that time and energy.

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Career Paths: Gisa Paredes, WellAtSea

In our special column this month, we are glad to host an interview with Ms. Gisa Paredes, a Licensed Psychologist and Chief Operating Officer at WellAtSea program which has now reached more than 8,000 seafarers globally. Ms Paredes shares with us her secrets for  business development; among many, connecting with intention, practicing mindfulness and seeking help from professionals have helped her a lot towards.

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