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IMO MSC 99 approves second GMDSS service

IMO’s MSC 99, currently underway in London, has recognized that the Iridium network, by the US-based satellite communications provider Iridium Communications Inc., meets all the criteria needed to provide mobile satellite services in the GMDSS, and to adopt the “Statement of Recognition” proposed by the US as a Committee Resolution.

How Indonesia is tracking illegal fishing activity in real time

Partnering with Google, Indonesian Minister of Fisheries and Marine Affairs, Susi Pudjiastuti, is catching illegal fishing activity in real time, after thousands of vessels’ locations were revealed online. Previously, most of the Indonesian fishing activity had been invisible.

The role of private data platforms in addressing illegal fishing

New technologies offer unique opportunities to support fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance, particularly for countries without the means to patrol their waters or enforce legislation against illegal fishing and overfishing, according to a briefing note by ODI.

Are you a Digital Shipping Business……. or do you just spend money on data?

Martin Penney, Global Commercial expert in Marketing and Channel Development, helps shipping organisations to assess whether their investments in digitalization bring real benefits to them, highlighting that when data is being used properly, it helps build confidence between vessel and shore.  The key is to ensure that decisions are always made with the best data available. 

New mobile app to ease crew management

Norwegian-based OSM has launched a new mobile app for seafarers to manage their lives at sea and onshore. The development aims to increase efficiency and management capability, by providing seafarers with an instant overview of all relevant documentation, vessel assignments, communication with the company, pay slips, and others. 

Norway wants to establish internet in the Arctic

The Norwegian Government informed that it wants Norwegian satellites to make broadband communications available in the Arctic. This aims to help shipping, defence, fisheries or research in the area. Norway will pledge to Space Norway AS about NOK 1 billion in equity capital for the project.

If you don’t know what to do, do something

Rashid Baba,  Acting Chief Commercial Officer at Thuraya, argues that there is a missing link to the ‘smart shipping’ story – communications – and asks whether the industry recognises its value amid all the hype and hyperbole around digitisation.

Singapore sets the ground to become global maritime hub

MPA Singapore plans to boost connectivity and inter-linkages of Singapore’s maritime cluster, build an innovation ecosystem with a future-ready maritime workforce. MPA will enhance the Maritime Cluster Fund by $100 million in support of a vision for Singapore to be the Global Maritime Hub for Connectivity, Innovation and Talent. 

Enabling effective port resource management

The successful operation of a port requires its independent parties to share data to ensure efficient episodic tight coupling, according to the EU-funded STM Validation in a publication explaining the concept of Port Collaborative Decision Making. The main objective of PortCDM is to enhance coordination among port call actors.

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’Unmanned and autonomous vessels are quickly becoming a reality. Do you think that seafarers will be able to trust an autonomous system?

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Icebreaking season 2017-2018 ends in Baltic Sea
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DSME, partners enter smart ship technology project
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USCG: PSC targeting criteria
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Stena Line: Key sustainable initiatives in 2017
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ITF to take legal action over abuse of fishers in Ireland
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New Ro-Ro ships generation to be revealed
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DSME, partners enter smart ship technology project