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Norway: New rules for passenger ships in Svalbard

The Norwegian government introduced new rules for passenger ships in Svalbard, in the Arctic Ocean, in a bid to improve safety and security in this fragile Arctic environment. The rules apply to both Norwegian and foreign ships.

USCG: Findings of Concern on high speed craft operations

The US Coast Guard released Findings of Concern on ‘High Speed Craft Operations Manuals,’ regarding an incident where a high speed catamaran passenger ferry allided with a rock jetty at over 30 knots, injuring 15 passengers.

Injured Filipino seafarer medevaced in Vietnam for care

As local sources report, a 46-year-old sailor from the Philippines suffered critical injuries in an accident, that took place during cargo holding operations. The sailor was onboard ‘Bulk Japan’ bulk carrier. The crewmember suffered spine and breast injuries and crashed arm with massive blood loss. 

Reducing the risk of nickel ore loading in Philippines or Indonesia

As Gard informs, the mandatory notification requirement for the carriage of nickel ore loaded in Philippines and Indonesia still applies. This loss prevention initiative was launched in 2012 and allows for early interaction with ship operators and an opportunity to reduce the risks arising by this cargo.

USCG issues hurricane reporting requirements for Gulf of Mexico

The US Coast Guard issued its reporting requirements for the upcoming hurricane season at the Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf, requesting that operators of all manned facilities and MODUs report only when personnel were stranded onboard AND not able to evacuate due to extreme circumstances.

Changes in ‘Dockers Clause’ to come into force in 6 months

The International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) along with the Joint Negotiating Group (JNG) of maritime employers call companies to be fully-compliant with the future changes of ‘Dockers Clause’, on the terms and conditions which will affect ships’ cargo handling operations in ports.

Interferry: Key lessons from Philippines safety project

Global trade association Interferry published key lessons from the FERRYSAFE project, initiated earlier in 2019 to study safety advances in the Philippines. The project team has completed the second of two visits to the country and is now developing best practice guidance to assist the IMO and other nations.

BSEE to investigate recent accidents in Gulf of Mexico

US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) Gulf of Mexico Regional Director Lars Herbst has established two panels to investigate two serious incidents that took place in the Gulf of Mexico last week. Investigation panels will issue reports with their findings regarding the causes and make suggestions on how to improve current safety measures after the investigations are completed.


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