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BHP: Port Hedland Mooring Management Standard effective from July 2021

BHP issues new updates for the Port Hedland Mooring Management Standard which sets out the revised mandatory mooring requirements, that will apply to all vessels calling at the BHP Port Hedland Terminal (Terminal) and the crew on board from 1 July 2021, along with details of an incentive program for the adoption of new mooring line technology.

Container securing guide: Best practices

In an effort to reduce incidents at sea and as part of its Masters’ Guide series, the Standard Club issued the “Container securing” guide focusing on delivering best practice advice on key areas of vessel operations.

Guidance on proper coal carriage

Coal is an important, widely-used source of energy. However, its carriage as a cargo is associated with a number of hazards and it must be carried according to the relevant regulatory requirements.

The importance of reviewing enclosed space procedures

In light of the continuing occurence of enclosed space incidents on ships, the Gard P&I Club reiterated the need for ship managers to constanly review their enclosed space entry procedures and, if necessary, revise them to ensure they comply with the applicable requirements.

Croatia, Peru sign fishing vessel safety agreement

Peru and Croatia have shown their support for the safety of fishing vessels and their crews by depositing their instrument of accession to the 2012 Cape Town Agreement. Overall, 16 countries have become Contracting States to the Agreement.   

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