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How industry tackles enclosed space entry on board ships

Many people believe that an enclosed space is always small, but that’s not true. There are many spaces on board that are considered to be enclosed spaces but they are not limited in space such as ballast tanks. Every year, a significant number of seafarers is injured or die while working/ entering enclosed spaces, mainly due to poor training and knowledge of all related procedures or a disregard of non-visible hazards.

7 key hazards within an enclosed space

Enclosed spaces are dangerous until proven otherwise. Industry has repeatedly rung the bell on the dangers of enclosed spaces onboard; results from a recent survey by InterManager serves as a reminder on the issues remain to be addressed. Any misconceptions as to what constitutes an enclosed space should be replaced by a zero tolerance culture. 

Ηistorically low waters in Parana River continue

Despite small improvement since June 2020, the critically low water levels in the Parana River continue, as the rainfalls in the basin are still expected to be ‘deficient’ during the last quarter of the year. 

SeaSense – Expert Thinking on slips, trips and falls

While most people may view slips, trips and falls as simple accidents, and a fact of life, they can pose a serious danger to the health of crew aboard ships. This time, our special column, in association with The North of England P&I Club, gives emphasis on slips, trips and falls which are the reason for many personal injury claims.

Five partners collaborate to promote container safety

In order to help tackle container-related incidents onboard ships, five international freight transport and cargo handling organisations will cooperate to produce new guidance on packing standards for freight containers and other cargo transport units.

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