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BIMCO advises on GoG tensions and new US clauses

BIMCO provides guidance to the shipping stakeholders concerning the escalated tensions in the Gulf of Guinea, followed by the killing of General Qassem Soleimani by a US drone in early January 2020, and retaliation by Iran.

ReCAAP ISC: Four incidents reported last week

In its weekly report for 14-20 January, ReCAAP ISC informed of four incidents against ships in Asia, comprising a very serious incident (CAT 1) and three least serious (CAT 4) incidents. The highlight of the week was the first crew abduction in 2020 from a fishing vessel off Malaysia on 17 January. 

US issues new security advisory for Gulf of Guinea

The Maritime Administration (MARAD) of the United States Department of Transportation issued one new advisory to commercial shipping, canceling the earlier ones issued in 2019. Namely, the 2020-002-Gulf of Guinea-Piracy/Armed Robbery/Kidnapping for Ransom, cancels the the U.S. Maritime Advisory 2019-010.

Pirates release Duke crew, one dead during captivity

Nineteen crew that were kidnapped by pirates from the oil tanker ‘MT Duke’ off Benin last month, have been released, while one died during the captivity. The twenty Indian crew were kidnapped on December 15.

Singapore Strait: Two scrap metal thefts from the same ship in one day

ReCAAP ISC issued another Incident Alert to shipping regarding two subsequent incidents of scrap metal theft from ships while underway in the eastbound lane of Singapore Strait. This is the sixth relevant warning by ReCAAP ISC, validating an alarming trend of piracy activity in the region. 

Eight crew kidnapped from fishing vessel off Malaysia

A total of eight crew men were kidnapped from a Malaysian-registered fishing trawler which was found abandoned on 17 January, at approximately 4.24 nm off Pulau Tambisan, Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia, according to data provided by ReCAAP ISC.

North P&I Club issues guide for sanctions

Recently, the North P&I Club issued its revised guide on evaluating the risk of sanctions, focusing on the application and scope of the U.S. and EU sanctions, in regards to their jurisdiction over companies; whether other sanctions apply to trading partners- such as banks, insurers or reinsurers or whether there are there any “party” related sanctions which impact on the ability to complete the contemplated trade, among other issues.

Piracy in Asia increases with 82 incidents in 2019

A total of 82 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia were reported in 2019, says ReCAAP ISC in its Annual Report, noting a 15% increase in the actual incidents compared to 2018. Despite the increase, these numbers are still the second lowest since 2007. 

Two armed robberies against ships in Asia last week

In its weekly report for 7-13 January, ReCAAP ISC informed of two CAT 4 incidents of armed robbery against ships in Asia. One incident occurred to a ship while anchored at Alang Anchorage, India; and one incident occurred to a ship while underway in the Singapore Strait.


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