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Port of Kokkola to receive new LTE Network

Nokia and Finnish private LTE provider Ukkoverkot have agreed to a four-year deal in order to bring connectivity, automation, and intelligence to the Port of Kokkola, Finland. The project will be covering computing, automation, and artificial intelligence. The private LTE network will use the local 2.6 GHz radio band, provided to the port by Ukkoverkot as part of the deal.

CMA CGM sheds focus on digitalization

French container ship giant CMA CGM announced launch of CMA CGM eSolutions, an entirely digital eco-system comprising an online agency and other e-commerce channels such as Electronic Data Interchanges (EDI) and Application Programming Interfaces (API).

Blockchain is taking shape in Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam announced that the first blockchain applications have begun shaping. BlockLab, in a joint collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Municipality of Rotterdam, is the leader of these applications. The teams focus on two domains: Energy and Logistics.

ABS, Google Cloud, SoftServe use AI to detect corrosion

ABS, Google Cloud and SoftServe completed a pilot project applying artificial intelligence models to find levels of corrosion and coating breakdown on ships and offshore structures. The project showed the accuracy of AI in detecting and assessing structural anomalies commonly found during visual inspection. AI techniques could also be used to analyze images over time to understand corrosion and coating breakdown trends.

University students develop whale detection acoustic device

The University of Rhode Island (URI) developed and used an acoustic device to detect whales near the Block Island offshore wind farm. Specifically, MARIMBA (Marine Mammal Monitoring at Block Island Using Acoustics) was developed by six ocean engineering students who deployed it in close vicinity of the 30MW offshore wind project.

Port of Rotterdam successfully adopts innovation, report says

The businesses in the Port of Rotterdam have managed to catch up with companies elsewhere in the Netherlands. This is one of the results of the new edition of the Port Innovation Barometer, a multiannual study regarding innovation and the innovation climate in the Rotterdam port region, which was performed on behalf of SmartPort and the Port of Rotterdam Authority by the Erasmus Centre for Business Innovation.

Watch: NASA drops 100 drones tiny enough to fit in a hand

NASA’s Langley Research Center released a video last week showing four large drones releasing over 100 smaller drones known as ‘Cicadas’, at the Beaver Dam Airpark in Virginia. Cicada, developed by the US Naval Research Laboratory, stands for “Close-in Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft.”

How can shipping industry collaborate effectively with start-ups

Start-ups have the capability to help the maritime industry adopt innovation among the increasing intrusion of digital technologies and lead its transformation. With a maritime backround, their founders may have worked for big maritime companies in the past, but are now exploring ways to work with a much smaller team. This gives them the ability to find solutions quickly.

Watch: Artificial Intelligence on ‘Stena Scandinavica’

The video, issued by Stena Line, shows how the Captain and crew onboard the cruise ferry ‘Stena Scandinavica’ are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce the fuel consumption on the Gothenburg – Kiel route, under a pilot study initiated back in September 2018. 

Facial recognition technology expands in the cruise sector

Facial recognition technology has made its way in the cruise industry and now there are available applications everywhere. Technology company IDEMIA has cooperated with Royal Caribbean and the US Customs and Borders Protection to trial biometric identity verification for CBP’s processes at terminals in Miami, Florida and Cape Liberty, New Jersey. 


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