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Rightship launches New Dry Bulk Management Standard

RightShip announced a new program for the dry bulk sector which aims to ensure the highest levels of safety, security and environmental excellence. The new Dry Bulk Management Standard (DBMS) aims to support the improvement of safety and risk management standards within dry bulk ship management and  help drive collaboration, conversation and increased standards in the sector. 

Inspections during COVID-19 pandemic for RMI-flagged vessels

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) provides information regarding the inspection protocols effective during the COVID-19 pandemic for RMI-flagged vessels, announcing that a Temporary Alternative Inspection Protocol (TAIP) will now meet the Administrator’s inspection requirements.

Pilotage operations during COVID-19

The UK Maritime Pilotage Association has issued circulars providing guidance and best practices during COVID-19 challenging times, since in the coming days and weeks, it is anticipated that vessels with suspected cases onboard may request pilotage services.

How to safely walk the stairs on ships

Gard warns about the dangers of walking up or down stairs at ships. As it says, seafarers should always apply the old adage of ‘one hand for yourself and one for the ship’ and keep one hand free to grasp the handrail.

AMSA alerts on risks posed by marine fauna

AMSA issued a safety alert aims to raise awareness on the risks posed by dangerous marine fauna. Australian waters contain a range of dangerous fauna that secrete toxins, inject venom, release or contain poison, harbour dangerous bacteria, give electric shocks or just have sharp teeth. Some can become aggressive once disturbed.

Top management should be committed to SMS to ensure success

The Safety Management System (SMS) of a company plays a crucial role for the safety of the seafarers and the avoidance of any potential accidents; Yet, non-commitment from top management positions lead to seafarers doubting the SMS, often resulting to accidents.

USCG: How to successfully implement TSMS

In 2019, USCG marine inspectors detained 41 towing vessels for Code 30 deficiencies, reflecting a vessel’s failure to implement a Towing Vessel Safety Management System or a lack of familiarity with a TSMS. Of those, 32% used the TSMS option and 68% used the Coast Guard option.


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