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OCIMF extends TMSA access to non-OCIMF members

From 14 January 2019 OCIMF extended access to the TMSA reports to include non-OCIMF members who are registered as SIRE recipients. This move aims to ensure that more information is available to more users, and it will help to improve safety and marine assurance in the industry.

Shipowners Club issues enclosed space entry risk assessment

Although the industry has repeatedly rung the bell on the dangers of enclosed space entry onboard, this continues to arise as the hidden enemy for crews. In this regard, the Shipowners Club produced a sample risk assessment addressing the various hazards associated with enclosed space entry operations. 

Maersk conducts physical container inspection pilot

Container ship giant Maersk announced it has recently implemented a Physical Container Inspection Pilot within North America, as part of its efforts to improve safety and reliability in the containerized maritime supply chain.

OCIMF: Recommendations on personnel transfer by crane between vessels

OCIMF published an information paper on ‘Transfer of Personnel by Crane Between Vessels’, focusing on the use of an onboard crane for personnel transfer, that has risks. This paper addresses those risks and provides guidance that should be used in the risk assessment process to determine the method of transfer, comparing transfers using a crane to transfers using a pilot ladder and transfers using an accommodation ladder.

Port of Rotterdam: Stricter rules to prevent sea accidents

Port of Rotterdam announced that through out 2018 29,475 sea-going vessels arrived. That is 200 less in comparison to 2017 and equal to 2013’s numbers. Also, the number of accidents decreased from 129 to 118, on approximately a million shipping movements,maritime and inland shipping.  Although the number of accidents decreased, rules have to be updated.

Cost Rica accedes to SAR Convention

Cost Rica became the 112th State to accede to IMO’s International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue (SAR Convention). The worldwide ratification and implementation of IMO’s International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue is vital for the efforts to ensure the safety of international shipping.

Egypt shuts down seven ports temporarily because of bad weather

Heavy weather combined with inappropriate manipulations may lead to damage of a vessel, threatening the cargo, the environment or, even worst, human life. That’s why, for the time being, Egyptian authorities have shut down the most important ports of Alexandria and Dekheila on the Mediterranean Sea and Ain Sokhna and Suez on the Red Sea because of extreme weather conditions, as stated by Reuters.

IMCA to launch a web-based method to collect safety statistics

The International Marine Contractors Association, launches a new web-based method for collecting safety statistics from its contractor members. This will result in simpler, more timely reporting, and the ability to easily benchmark performance. IMCA supports that the easy completion and the ability to benchmark company performance will conclude in higher data submission rates than in the past.

USCG responded to over 700 false alerts in 2018

After responding to over 700 false alerts in 2018, the US Coast Guard is calling anyone with an emergency position indicating radio beacon to properly register their device. US Coast Guard personnel were only able to contact 163 of the more than 700 EPIRB owners.


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