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Improper lifeboats stowage could lead to damage

The Liberian Registry informed of a recent case of improper stowage of lifeboats onboard, which could have resulted in serious damage or personal injury, had it gone unnoticed. LISCR communicated the case as this could happen to anyone. 

Vessels operating in or near the Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman

The Maritime Administration of the Marshall Islands issued an advisory concerning vessels operating in or near the Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz and Gulf of Oman. The note highlights that many are the countries that conduct naval exercises and operations in these areas. Thus, this advisory supplements information and navigation warnings routinely provided by other sources.

Addressing the increasing risk of container ships fires

Sean Dalton, IUMI Cargo Committee Chair and Head of Marine Underwriting NA, Munich Reinsurance America, Inc., and Pascal Dubois, IUMI Loss Prevention Committee Chair and Head of Marine France, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, talk about major fires on cargo ships are turning out to be a rising concern, which often leads to loss of life, damage to the ship and cargo, while it can also have important environmental impact.

New ABS Group tool addresses cultural factors

ABS Group launched Cultural Cause Analysis (CCA), a next-gen root cause analysis methodology and risk management tool which maps process safety incidents aiming to eliminate cultural hazards. It could be used as a way better understand the culture disease pathology that may be affecting a company and how best to return to good process safety health.

Canadian gov brings new legislation to modernise its pilotage system

The Canadian government is planning to introduce new legislation to modernize Canada’s pilotage service for commercial ships. The Government reported that the amendments will focus on strengthening the governance of pilotage authorities, strengthening enforcement provisions, streamlining fee-setting and increasing transparency.

Key threats for underwater fiber-optic cable networks

More cost-effective and widely used than satellites, critical undersea fiber-optic cable networks are among the most important communication infrastructures globally. Despite the importance of these networks, they receive disproportionately little attention from authorities.

Nautical Institute launches new edition of The Principles of Navigation

The Nautical Institute launched the 11th edition of The Admiralty Manual of Navigation, Volume 1: The Principles of Navigation. This edition is the first to be digital by design and is based on the assumption that the readers’ vessel will be sailed using IMO type-approved ECDIS.

IG Clubs continues survey triggers for tankers carrying HFO

As part of the industry’s efforts to ensure higher ship standards, the International Group of P&I Clubs (IG Clubs) continues to implement survey triggers for seagoing vessels of 10 years of age or more carrying HFO, the American P&I Club reminded in a new circular. 

Georgia accedes to load lines convention

Georgia became the 112th State to accede to the International Convention on Load Lines, and specifically the 1988 Protocol. The treaty includes limitations on the draught to which a ship may be loaded, making a significant contribution to shipping safety.

UK, TT Club: Managing temperature controlled cargo

The UK P&I Club along with the TT Club published a report to serve as a guide covering all stakeholders throughout the supply chain whether operating, packing, unpacking or handling temperature controlled, ‘refrigerated’ or ‘reefer’ cargo transport units. The temperature controlled cargo supply chain can present operational challenges for all stakeholders, as these cargoes are among the more sensitive transported.


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