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Allianz: Larger vessels bring bigger losses

The trend of the increasing size of ships creates more safety, as the frequency of shipping losses overall has steadily declined over the past decade. However, the cost of incidents has been increasing, driven in large part by the cost of claims involving large vessels, Allianz said in ts recent Shipping and Safety Review for 2019. 

Reducing the risk of nickel ore loading in Philippines or Indonesia

As Gard informs, the mandatory notification requirement for the carriage of nickel ore loaded in Philippines and Indonesia still applies. This loss prevention initiative was launched in 2012 and allows for early interaction with ship operators and an opportunity to reduce the risks arising by this cargo.

MARSEC changes security level near Fujairah after sabotage

The Norwegian Maritime Authority informs that in light of the sabotage act against four vessels off Fujairah port, the Maritime Security (MARSEC) adjusted the security levels in the area to ISPS1 and advise shipowners to carefully consider measures from ISPS2.

Navigator of the Seas to feature industry’s first fire prevention notation

Cruise operator RCL, Wärtsilä, and DNV GL announced that Navigator of the Seas will feature the industry’s first fire prevention notation. The class notation F(M-P) identifies key areas for preventing fires in engine rooms based on incident analysis, feedback from surveyors, and best practices from the industry.

CHIRP: Lessons learned from machinery and technical problems

The CHIRP Charitable Trust published Maritime Feedback 55. This is the second bulletin of 2019, and it focuses on reports regarding, machinery and technical issues. engine room heat protection, main engine failures, communications and violation of rest hours. 

Allianz: Total shipping losses for 2018 were the fewest in a century

In 2018, the maritime industry saw the number of total shipping losses of vessels over 100GT falling significantly to 46, representing the lowest total this century, said Allianz in its new Shipping and Safety review 2019. To put it into context, there were 207 total losses reported in 2000. Cargo vessels was the ship type involved in a third of losses (15) during 2018. 

Ensuring safe carriage of metal scrap in containers

Experiencing a recent rise in the number of enquiries relating to the transport of metal scrap in containers, the UK Club reiterated the CINS Metal Scrap Carriage Guidelines, published in January 2018, aiming to to reduce claims from the carriage of metal scrap by ensuring that it is properly packed, declared and carried.

Tips on Man Overboard Drilling

Safe Skipper published information on Man Overboard Drilling; A MOB aboard a boat hides many challenges, as the Man Overboard (MOB) can be exhausted, cold or injured and will have a little power to help themselves aboard.

OCIMF, Intertanko recommendations after UAE sabotage act

In a joint statement OCIMF and Intertanko commented that the sabotage act against four vessels in UAE territorial waters seems to be well-planned and coordinated. They both noted that it appears that each vessel was attacked by a sub-surface explosive device placed by either a remotely-operated vessel or diver. Both types of delivery method are more likely to happen when vessels are near stationary or in a very restricted waterway.


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