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NaviNautics 2024

NAVINAUTICS stands as a prestigious annual event orchestrated by the Department of Nautical Science at AMET UNIVERSITY in Tamil Nadu, India. This gathering sees participation from numerous Maritime Institutions nationwide, converging to engage in a diverse range of activities. The primary objective behind this symposium is to underscore the unity, diversity, and integrity inherent in […]

CMA Shipping 2024

Across a packed three days, CMA Shipping offers opportunities for professionals to learn from industry leaders, source products and supplies from established and emerging brands, and take advantage of enviable networking opportunities. For many, CMA Shipping is a staple in the diary.


Sea Japan 2024 will create new business opportunities for industry professionals by offering an international network, gathering the latest technologies and information from the world, and continuing to address the industry’s challenges such as environmental protection, digital transformation and human resource development.

Singapore Maritime Week

The Singapore Maritime Week (SMW) is an annual gathering of the international maritime community to advance key industry issues and exchange ideas to bring the sector forward. Driven by the Maritime and Port Authority (MPA), in collaboration with industry stakeholders and research and educational institutions, SMW brings together key opinion leaders and industry leaders through […]

22nd Coastlink Conference

Coastlink is a neutral pan-European network dedicated to the promotion of short sea and feeder shipping, and, the intermodal transport networks that support the sector.

Green Ports & Shipping 2024

Green Ports and Shipping Congress identifies and prioritises the areas that ports-based organisations and shipping companies need to work together on for their mutual advantage to reduce emissions.