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GMF: 6 key areas to make the maritime industry more attractive

At the Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit in New York, young maritime professionals discussed what actions need to be taken for the maritime industry to attract future generations. Improving human sustainability will be imperative to help the industry appeal to and retain future talent – an issue increasingly pressing for the resiliency of the entire maritime value chain.

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The 5 stages of grief: How do you process change?

Inevitably, everyone will have to deal with loss and grief at some point in their lives. Grief is not only about processing the loss of a loved one, but it may also arise from the loss of a job or the end of a relationship. Generally, grief is about everything that entails change and transition to a condition less pleasant or comfortable. How prepared are you to embrace such a life transition?

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Building Resilience: Focus on Personal Self-Care

Personal self-care includes activities that are part of the self exploration journey that aims to find our personal identity and enjoy every moment in our lives. If we don’t know ourselves, we cannot practice self-care; it is easy to focus on external things instead of going deep within ourselves. As such, taking the time to learn ourselves, can change how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

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