What it means to have a “Growth Mindset” onboard

To begin with, “growth mindset” is a concept of self-improvement. For example, individuals with a growth mindset have the confidence to make it through and do not get discouraged when they receive negative feedback, nor do they take feedback personally. In fact, having a growth mindset makes you see mistakes as an opportunity to further learn and move on.

Building Resilience: Seafarers need to be energized and feel vitality

Seafarers, like all human beings, need three things: recognition, stimulation and certainty, argues INTERTANKO in its second edition of ’’Crew Welfare Management and Mental Wellness’’. In this article, we explain ways to address seafarers’ need for stimulation.

Building Resilience: Seafarers need to be acknowledged and considered valuable

Firstly launched in early July 2020, INTERTANKO Human Element in Shipping Committee (HEiSC) developed guidance and recommendations on crew welfare and mental wellness for crewing managers and shore-side staff. Following extensive use and feedback, the ‘Crew Welfare Management and Mental Wellness’ guide has now been updated to explain how shipping organizations need to work to prevent emotional and psychological distress in our seafarers.

Book of the month: Handling anxiety in times of crisis and beyond

Anxiety is a typical feature of modern life and COVID-19 provided an ideal ground for it to flourish. But how many of us know how to handle it before it leads us to bad decisions? A new book came at the right time to create a refreshing look at the reality of anxiety in modern times.

9 key personality traits for every seafarer

A job at sea comes with great benefits and significant challenges as well. For this reason, seafarers must work on improving or adding specific traits in their personality, that will help them, not only cope with the challenges that may come, but also excel at their job. So, what are these necessary personality traits that every seafarer should have?

Leaders in a post-pandemic virtual world: How prepared are you?

The future of business is expected to be more flexible to remote working, redefining best practices for leaders who are already performing a challenging task. Strong leadership is critically important for any organization in any time, but what are the key priorities leaders will have to shed their focus on during times of crisis and beyond?

Building Resilience: Keep an eye open for people with depression

Depression is a common but serious mood disorder which causes severe symptoms that may affect how we feel, think, and handle daily activities. Even in the most severe cases, it can be treated. The earlier that treatment can begin, the more effective it is. To be diagnosed with depression, the symptoms must be present for at least two weeks.

Building Resilience: Steps towards a wellbeing & mental health management system

Crew welfare is a very important issue nowadays ; the COVID-19 pandemic has actually brought forward such an important issue. In the recent SAFETY4SEA Virtual Forum, Mr. Johan Smith, Wellness at Sea Programme Manager at Sailors’ Society, noted that this situation is presenting us with a very unique opportunity to create a wellbeing and mental health management for our industry.

Building Resilience: Fostering empathy towards mental health issues

The pandemic has led to increased stress, fear and anxiety. People are worried about their personal health as well as their beloved ones’ whereas uncertainty about an effective cure prevails. What is more, public health actions, such as social distancing, can make people feel isolated and lonely while many struggle with their financial situation.

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