Additionally, it’s important to be engaged; part of self-care is self-development. Reading, listening to audio-books or podcasts, things of that nature, gives you something to ponder and discuss with others. That keeps you engaged in the world around us instead of being stuck thinking about problematic issues, or issues that maybe aren’t problematic that you make problematic by overthinking them.

When we take care of ourselves, we can improve our work productivity and safety, we can perceive more fulfillments from work and our relationships with family and friends can be improved. Thus, we demonstrate improved behaviors and choices which subsequently benefit not only ourselves but also our family, friends, colleagues and others in our daily life.

Overall, it is vital for our longevity to find ways to develop good habits in favor of ourselves. We can have the best diet in the world, get enough sleep, work out daily, hydrate and still feel mentally and emotionally exhausted by life. Being physically healthy certainly mitigates the negative impacts of stress, but life needs balance among work, family, relationships, play and rest, as the ‘Self Care Puzzle’ demonstrates.

Honor yourself now! - 6 positive outcomes

Saying YES to yourself, doesn’t mean you are selfish; acknowledge your emotions and needs for a better life. Here are some benefits you might encounter on the way:

  1. Your body and mind become stronger
  2. You become aware of all negative and positive personality traits
  3. You gain trust on your decisions and boost your confidence
  4. You can work on your thoughts and your targets
  5. You become more self-loving and self-caring
  6. You become vibrant and attract positive people in your life