The journey of self-discovery is both challenging and rewarding. It means exploring our strengths and weaknesses, our motivations and needs. Discovering more of our potential unlocks possibilities for being more fulfilled and engaging more in life.

There are many important questions that any individual should answer in search of happiness and freedom in his/her life. Self- discovery is actually a process that explores several areas of ourselves involving mind, body, heart and spirit with the aim to enrich the quality of our life. What is more, the discovery of ourselves often requires to step out of our comfort zone, subjecting ourselves to unfamiliar territories.


Tips for self-discovery outside the ‘comfort zone’

The more little moments of challenge and excitement that you can get into your life, the better!

  1. Volunteer for challenges - Just put your hand up and say, "I'll do it"
  2. Invest in self-development - Any training moves you forward mentally, and gives you ideas for new things
  3. Set demanding goals for career & life – A good way to tell your subconscious to aim high
  4. Associate with experimental people – ‘Comfortable friends’ are important but do not push us forward


7 Important Qs to ask yourself when starting the journey of self-discovery

Asking the right questions can be a very powerful way to get to know who you really are

  1. How do you grow personally & professionally?
  2. Are you a better person today than you were yesterday?
  3. How do you challenge yourself daily?
  4. Are you learning something new every day?
  5. What activities or things that you do, give you the most joy and satisfaction?
  6. How much do you trust yourself? Do you listen to others more than yourself?
  7. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be and why?


Don’t forget

  • Find the right pace for yourself:  Don't push yourself too hard for new challenges; take baby steps.
  • Let yourself relax: Stretch for a few moments and take a few deep breaths to ask yourself these questions.
  • Be gentle with yourself: Don't forget all your good qualities and the positive ways you've already changed.
  • Ask for support: Self-discovery process may require the support of a professional therapist or good friends.