1 dead, 2 missing after tanker’s collision with fishing vessel

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, two fishermen reported to be missing after the collision of the fishing vessel “Pappy’s Pride” with the chemical tanker vessel “Bow Fortune”, close to the Galveston jetties in Galveston, Texas. Due to the collision, the fishing vessel capsized, while at the moment the Coast Guard is searching for the two lost fishermen.

Silver Whisper departs for world’s first 7-continent cruise

“Silver Whisper” cruise ship announced that set sail for the first voyage to all seven continents. Although longer cruise journeys have been also conducted in the past, this is the first one to approach such geographic breadth. During the 140-day voyage, passengers will travel deep into 62 destinations in 32 countries, including the Antarctic Peninsula over three days.

RNLI lifeboat rescues vessel dragged anchor off Oban bay

On 11 January, a coastal freighter anchored in Oban bay, Scotland requested help from the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) in Oban Station, as it was facing difficulties due to force winds. In light of the situation, Oban RNLI Lifeboat “Mora Edith MacDonald” was sent in the area to provide its assistance to the dragged vessel.

Ensuring excellence at sea at all times

During the first SAFETY4SEA Forum in Manila, Vadm Eduardo Ma R. Santos, President, Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific, provided insight into efficient ways to attract the younger generation in the industry and key challenges that we need to address for the development of competent graduates who shall possess the character, knowledge, and skills necessary for the successful pursuit of a maritime career.

Digitalization and innovation in smart shipping

During the second SAFETY4SEA Singapore Forum, Mr. Jerome Floury, Project Manager, Bureau Veritas Singapore, discussed cyber risks in smart and autonomous shipping, providing an overview of recent cyber-attacks in the maritime industry and the potential motives of hackers. He then shared the key pillars of a proper cyber resilience program and recommendations designed to help ships [and their managers and seafarers] maintain cyber resilience throughout their operational lives.

The situation of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia

During the last SAFETY4SEA Singapore Forum, Mr. Masafumi Kuroki, Executive Director, ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre (ISC), discusses about the maritime crime situation in Asia. As he says, ReCAAP ISC aims to accurately inform about maritime crimes in Asia, while noting that such incidents are declining. Nevertheless, there are still areas of concern in which the situation must improve.

MARAD warns US ships to be aware of Iranian attacks

After the death of the Iranian commander, Qassem Soleimani by a US drone, the US Maritime Administration (MARAD) officially published an advisory in order to warn the US ships located across the Middle East waterways of the possible Iranian maritime threats. 

Injured crew member of “Happy Lady” returns to Greece

The injured crew member of the Greek-flagged tanker “Happy Lady” returned to Greece on 7 January, about a week after the ship became subject of a piracy attack while at Limboh port in Cameroon. The piracy attack on 31 December 2019 resulted to the abduction of eight crew members. 

Lithium batteries caused the fire onboard Cosco Pacific

In light of the unexpectedly fire in Cosco Pacific’s cargo hold containers, authorities came in a conclusion of the causes that started the fire. Specifically, China Cosco Shipping has identified that the the main reason was a spontaneous combustion of misreported lithium batteries cargo.


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