Update 07 April: Live map depicts spread of coronavirus

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) has cost the lives of more than 74,000 people, while confirmed cases exceed 1,350,000. Although coronavirus started in China in early 2020, now it has spread over Europe where Italy and Spain have the most deaths. Also, US, Canada, France and UK top the list with the countries affected significantly.

Liberia conducts first ever remote flag inspection

The Liberian Registry announced implementation of the first ever remote Annual Safety Inspection (ASI) aboard their ships, in a bid to adjust to the COVID-19 disruptions. The Registry successfully completed the first remote ASI this past week.

Port of Oakland: Dockworker dies after falling from ship

A longshore worker fell to his death from the deck of a container ship while at berth at the US Port of Oakland. The Port expressed its condolences and said the fatal accident was under investigation by local authorities.

Lessons learned: Grounding and collision in busy anchorage

In its Monthly Safety Scenario for April, the Swedish Club describes a case of collision after grounding in a busy anchorage area. When changing the arrival time to the pilot station, the Master altered the plans, increasing speed, and took a shortcut through the anchorage.

US Navy, Royal navy on COVID-19

The Royal Navy and the US Navy are assisting in the rally of the COVID-19 pandemic, in helping the onshore response effort in the civilian world.

Russian freighter replaces entire crew after COVID-19 infection

Russian metals producer Nornicker reported on Tuesday that an engineer onboard one of its freighters, the Norilskiy Nickel, has tested positive for COVID-19; Therefore, the company disembarked the whole crew, sanitized the vessel and embarked a replacement crew. 

Traffic at Suez Canal unaffected by COVID-19

The Suez Canal Authority announced that the navigation traffic in the channel is regular and proceeds according to the normal rates of the numbers and tonnage of ships transiting the channel.

Suez Canal adjusts rates of reductions for LNG carriers

The Suez Canal Authority adjusted the rates of reductions granted by some of the LNG carriers, while it announced new incentives and discounts for some petroleum gas tankers and container ships for a period of three months starting from April 1st.


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