As HHI informed, both vessels are equipped with the IMO type C tanks, meaning that are independent self-supporting LNG fuel tanks.

Type C tank uses pressure containment system which ensures safety and no risk of leakage.

For the records, dual fuel systems will be installed upon the two truck carriers, so as to use LNG and oil alternately in their loading operations.

According to HHI, LNG dual fuel system offers efficiency in order to be in line with shipping's environmental regulations.

Specifically, LNG dual fuel for all vessels type has the ability to drop CO2 emissions by 40-50%.

In light of the situation, Korean Register said:

KR will continue to resolve any customers’ technical difficulties with LNG, and invests significantly in research and infrastructure projects, such as the technology to apply LNG-fueled technologies to different types of ships and establishing LNG bunkering technologies and systems.

Overall, ABS recently announced that granted an Approval in Principle (AIP) to Kawasaki Heavy Industries regarding its LPG as fuel system design.