The oil major is in contact with the Norwegian health authorities about further measures to be taken. For the time being, the person who has COVID-19 has been isolated in his cabin, while it has not been decided yet, whether the person will be transferred ashore.

The company added that measures to prevent further contamination for offshore installations has been introduced.

The person that has COVID-19 arrived at the field on March 4, and had recently been to Austria. Given that Austria was listed as a high-risk destination, the person was quarantined on board and a test was conducted.

It is reported that two more people at the field have been tested, as they had also visited high risk destinations. Yet, the company awaits for the results.

Medical staff on board follows up all personnel and there are no additional persons with symptoms on board.

The activity on the field will be reduced today. Personnel remains at the installations they are already located on. Equinor is continuously evaluating further measures.

Moreover, Equinor took additional measures to prevent further contamination, such as:

  • Reduction of social gatherings;
  • Reduction of meetings;
  • Introduction of larger distances between personnel in the canteen;
  • Cleaning of selected common areas.


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