Following the survey, the Marsall-Islands flag vessel becomes the first ship to acquire this type of certification. The company has inked a five-year cybersecurity contract with KR in 2018, covering its fleet of 23 vessels.

Two years after the contract, the vessel is certified as ship cybersecurity compliant by KR, successfully passing the inspection of 81 items in eighteen categories including risk management, asset management, technical security and incident response and recovery.

Moreover, through this certification, the company will be in line with the international cybersecurity requirements as outlined by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) and Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE).

Park Kae-myoung, head of KR’s Cyber Certification Team commented that

As the shipping industry becomes more and more digitalized, so cyberattacks on shipping companies and ships have increased. An effective response and comprehensive cybersecurity preparedness is now essential for any maritime organization.