Specifically, Mr Pompeo informed that the US's role is to defend freedom of navigation and provide a safe environment in the seas, reassuring that despite allegations, President Trump doesn't want to go to war.

In addition, Mr Pompeo highlighted that the Americans should be confident that the US's actions will always be under the law and will protect US citizens.

Generally, the attack took place on June 13, in the Gulf of Oman, against two oil tankers. The shipping industry was in shock, keeping in mind that the attack comes a month after the alleged sabotage act that took place at the same area against four vessels.


Moreover, in light of the attack, IMO Secretary General, the International Chamber of Shipping and INTERTANKO expressed their concerns addressing that this situation threatens the life of seafarers, the environment and the global economy, also noting that the situations is intolerable. 

One of the tankers that were attacked, Kokuka Courageous, was safely under tow in the Gulf of Oman heading towards Khor Fakkan, UAE. The vessel's manager informed that the vessel was towed with the assistance of the US Navy; He also reported that there's no possibility of oil pollution coming from the vessel, while also no possibility of the vessel sinking.

After the attack, OCIMF and INTERTANKO published risk mitigation measures aiming to the safest operation of vessels serving the shipping lines in that area.