The tanker was damaged in a “suspected attack” that breached the hull on the starboard side, above the water line, while on passage from Saudi Arabia to Singapore, on 13 June. There were no injuries or pollution, but the crew evacuated the vessel as a precaution.

With the assistance of the US Navy our crew have now returned to the Kokuka Courageous and have restored emergency power onboard. The Kokuka Courageous is stable. Full damage assessments will be carried out, but there is no danger of her sinking and there is no loss of cargo or fuel containment,

...the manager said.

As informed, one crew member was slightly injured in the incident and has received first aid treatment. He is now back on board the Kokuka Courageous.

Another similar incident was reported at the same time in the region, involving the tanker 'Front Altair' which caught a fire as a result of the suspected attack. Both vessels remained adrift.

We are grateful to the crew of the USS Bainbridge who are assisting our vessel and to the crew of the Coastal Ace who quickly took on our crew yesterday,

...BSM added.

The news of two subsequent suspected attacks against two different ships in the Gulf of Oman Thursday morning made headlines amid an ongoing tension in the Middle East and only a month after a similar incident in which four tankers in the region were struck.

The attacks were the second in a month near the Strait of Hormuz, a major strategic waterway for world oil supplies. Shortly after the incident, oil prices surged by 4%.

Shipping industry condemned the attacks, with the IMO Secretary General, the International Chamber of Shipping and INTERTANKO noting that this is an intolerable situation threatening the lives of seafarers, the environment and the world economy.