Gulf of Oman

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BIMCO advises on GoG tensions and new US clauses

BIMCO provides guidance to the shipping stakeholders concerning the escalated tensions in the Gulf of Guinea, followed by the killing of General Qassem Soleimani by a US drone in early January 2020, and retaliation by Iran.

UAE to host European-led mission to protect Gulf waters

A European-led mission for protection of Gulf waters expected to operate soon will be hosted by a French naval base in UAE, France’s defense minister said on Sunday. The decision came in the wake of the subsequent tanker attacks earlier this year in the region which triggered global diplomatic tension. 

Operation Sentinel launches to protect key waterways in Middle East

The US Central Command announced the opening of Coalition Task Force (CTF) Sentinel’s new command center at Naval Support Activity, Bahrain, on November 7. The new coalition aims to “ensure freedom of navigation and free flow of commerce in international waters throughout the Arabian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, the Bab el-Mandeb Strait and the Gulf of Oman.”

Russia, China, and Iran consider joint naval drill in Gulf of Oman

Tasnim, Turkish news agency, reported that Iran is under discussion with Russia and China to launch a joint naval drill in the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean, following the increased tensions in the area. The collaboration between the US, Russia, Iran and China shows the capability of the countries to partner, whereas also presents the ‘political goals’ behind this exercise. 

Japan considers sending its own security in Strait of Hormuz

Japan recently announced that it will not follow US’s coalition into sending security vessels in the Strait of Hormuz, amid the tensions in the area. Yet, Yomiuri Shimbun, Japanese newspaper, reported that Japan is thinking of sending a destroyer to operate in nearby areas.

Iran seizes another foreign oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz

As the Iranian military published through its Facebook account, Iran seized another a foreign oil tanker in the Gulf, stating that the seized vessel was smuggling fuel. Thus, the military detained seven crewmen. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard seized the foreign vessel, supporting that it was transmitting 700,000 litres of oil to ‘some Arab countries in the Persian Gulf.’ 

Stena Bulk wants to gain access to Stena Impero

Stena Bulk and Northern Marine Management released an announcement demanding to be granted access to the vessel ‘Stena Impero’ to conduct a full assessment. However, they are still waiting for a response from Iranian authorities. They also stated that there is no current evidence the ship has breached any maritime rules or regulations, and they supported ‘the professionalism and conduct of the crew of the Stena Impero.’

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