Currently, the volumes of compliant fuel sale are still small as the 0.5% market is in its infancy, with suppliers however confirming that they have now sold bunker quantities of 0.5% fuel oil.

Specifically, Singapore is the world’s largest bunker port, with the infographic noting that sales of 0.5% fuel oil are rising. Sales of compliant fuels will continue to increase, accelerating sharply as we approach January 2020.

singapore compliant fuel

Credit: Argus

In addition to Singapore, New York Harbor is the leader in North America, followed by the US Gulf, while in Europe the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) set of ports, has the most bunker deals. As for the Middle East, Fujairah has emerged as a global bunker hub.

What is more, in Latin America, compliant bunker fuels can be found at:

  • Brazil;
  • Buenos Aires;
  • Cartagena;
  • Panama.

You may see more details in the following infographic: