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How to be IMO 2020 compliant amid high sulphur warning

Singapore-based independent test and research facility Maritec is advising shipowners on how best to meet IMO 2020 fuel testing requirements following reports of excessive sulphur in some very low sulphur fuel oils.

IMO 2020: How is the transition to compliant fuel blends

Before implementation of the IMO 2020 sulphur cap, there were concerns regarding the properties of the new fuel blends, as it was expected that the characteristics of compliant fuels could vary considerably. Considering these, the Standard Club reports its experience so far. 

Shipping decarbonization: What does the future hold

Shipping is experiencing increasing pressure to decarbonize its operations and to reduce emissions to air. In April 2018, the IMO adopted an ambitious GHG reduction strategy, aiming to reduce with at least 50% total GHG emissions from shipping by 2050. As it is expected, such an unprecedented change, poses challenges for a range of stakeholders, from ship owners, to ship builders, designers, and fuel suppliers financiers and policy makers.

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