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Hydrogen plays an increasing role for a low carbon energy system, BP says

In its recently launched Energy Outlook, BP forecasts the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier increases significantly in the two of its three scenarios, as the ‎world transitions to a lower carbon energy system. The hydrogen can be used either directly or ‎combined with (bio)carbon or nitrogen to make it easier to transport. ‎

BP Energy Outlook 2020: Energy consumption shifts away from fossil fuels by 2050

In the main scenarios of this year’s BP Energy Outlook, global energy demand continues to grow for at least part of ‎the period to 2050. However, over this time, the structure of energy demand fundamentally ‎shifts, with a declining role for fossil fuels offset by an increasing share for renewable energy ‎and a growing role for electricity. ‎Decisive policy measures, such as significant increases in carbon prices, are needed to ‎deliver a lasting reduction in emissions from energy use.‎

MAN ES, Wasco to boost Power-to-X projects

MAN Energy Solutions and Wasco recently shaked their hands and inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) so as to boost and commercialize Power-to-X (PtX) projects in South-East Asia.

IMO 2020: A review of the transition to VLSFOs

Gard’s Loss Prevention Executive Asia, Singapore, Siddharth Mahajan and Senior Claims Adviser, London, Louis Shepherd note that the 2020 transition has been smoother than many predicted but not without challenges.

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