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Partners to study hydrogen as an alternative for Singapore

To capture the opportunities offered by low-carbon alternatives, five Singapore and two Japanese companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to study how hydrogen as a low-carbon alternative can contribute to a clean and sustainable energy future for Singapore.

LNG as a marine fuel

During the 2020 GREEN4SEA Athens Forum, Mr. Panayiotis Mitrou, Global Gas Segment Manager, Lloyd’s Register Marine & Offshore, shared his views on LNG as a fuel, towards 2050 compliance and beyond.

UECC to start three-month biofuel trials

The European ro-ro operator UECC along with the marine biofuel company GoodFuels will collaborate in order to trial the use of marine biofuel upon ro-ro vessels. In fact, the three-month trial will test 3.000 metric tons of Bio-Fuel Oil (MR1-100) onboard the M/V Autosky vessel carrier.

Hydrogen a viable replacement of fossil fuels, study shows

In July 2019, the ICCT hosted an international workshop on zero-emission vessel technology for shipping, during which participants identified hydrogen fuel cells as a promising technology. To assess the potential, this study presents the energy demand and fuel storage space requirements of container ships servicing a corridor from China to the US.

AOP and CLH join forces to boost low-carbon liquid fuels

The Climate Change and Energy Transition Commission of the Spanish Association of Oil Product Operators (AOP), along with the fuel transport company, CLH Group shake their hands and agreed to promote new measures to face climate change, while boost the oil and gas industry’s decarbonisation issue.

Port of Rotterdam hosts the largest EU biorefinery

The Europe’s largest biorefinery is located in the center of the Port of Rotterdam with Alco Energy Rotterdam converting corn into bioethanol fuel during a production process which brings zero waste.


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