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International Transport Forum: Recommendations for a greener Nordic shipping sector

The International Transport Forum (ITF) issued a report which analyzes prospects for energy use in the Nordic shipping sector and outlines potential solutions that could allow the region to pro-actively respond to the imperatives of energy diversification, the reduction of local pollutants and the abatement of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Use of ammonia as marine fuel expected to grow up to 2050, ABS says

The use of ammonia as a fuel is expected to grow due to its zero-carbon content, easier distribution, storage and bunkering compared to hydrogen, and its suitability with existing and emerging technologies for propulsion and power generation, a new whitepaper by ABS suggests. 

A technical reference on methanol bunkering

Lloyd’s Register issued a Bunkering Technical Reference to help shipowners, ports and bunker suppliers understand the processes and procedures required for the safe use of methanol as a marine fuel.

Watch: World’s first VLGC runs on LPG

As the video shows, BW LPG successfully started sea and gas trials for Very Large Gas Carrier (VLGC) BW Gemini which has been retrofitted with pioneering LPG dual-fuel propulsion technology.

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