According to Boyan Slat, Founder and CEO of the Ocean Cleanup, more than 1000 rivers considered to be responsible for the 80% of the ocean plastic pollution. By using the Interceptor, their aim is to prevent the river plastic and get rid of waste in five years time.

To truly rid the oceans of plastic, we need to both clean up the legacy and close the tap, preventing more plastic from reaching the oceans in the first place

... highlights Slat.

The device is the answer to the problem of river plastic pollution, and it can be used globally. Its faculties is extracting 50,000 kg of trash per day and under perfect conditions, in top performance level can even collect 100,000 kg per day. Moreover, is eco-friendly and works with solar power, due to its lithium-ion batteries it can work day till night without making noise or leaving toxic fumes.

Four Interceptors have been constructed, but two of them are installed for the moment. The one has been set in Jakarta, Indonesia and the second one in Klang, Malaysia. As for the third system, is intended to be installed in Mekong Delta, Vietnam, and the last one is destined to be deployed in Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic.