Cruise ship hits mooring dolphin at Mallory Square, Key West

The 691-foot-long cruise ship Silver Spirit crashed into a mooring dolphin in Key West, on November 28, due to heavy winds. Because of the crash, Mallory Square will be unusable for three months. The ship was not significantly damaged, while no injuries were reported.

2020: An insurer’s perspective

While talking at the first SAFETY4SEA Conference in Hamburg, Mr. Alvin Forster, Deputy Director (Loss Prevention) at North P&I Club, analyzed implications of 2020 sulphur cap regulation from the marine insurance perspective, sharing feedback from specific cases on the challenges being faced through certain compliance methods.

Ferry catches fire off Indonesia

The ferry ‘Gerbang Samudra I’ caught fire early on December 2. The incident happened after the vessel had left Surabaya, Java and was heading for the port of Banarmasin in Kalimantan. 145 people were rescued , but according to information 3 are missing.

Fire erupts on new Russian icebreaker at St. Petersburg

Two people were injured after a fire erupted onboard the new Russian diesel-electric icebreaker ‘Viktor Chernomyrdin’ which is currently under construction at Admiralty Shipyards, in St. Petersburg. The fire was first reported at about 1900 hrs Tuesday, engulfing an area of 300 square meters, on the third and fourth of the ship’s decks.

Renault to transport its cars on Neoline’s windship

French automobile company Renault announced the signing of a 3-year partnership with Nantes start-up Neoline, aiming to develop a wind-powered maritime transport service, and to contribute to the environmental management of its logistics chain, as nearly 60% of the Group’s parts and vehicles are transported by sea.

Watch: Bolivian river port provides new route to sea

Bolivia granted an international classification to Central Aguirre, Gravetal and Jennefer, on 30 October. These three river ports are on the Paraguay-Paraná waterway that connects Bolivia with Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean in general.

Watch: Blockchain technology system to focus on oil and gas industry

Canada-based PermianChain Technologies launches the blockchain technology ‘Permian Token’ aiming to oil and gas investments. Permian Token is a crypto-asset that supports holding rights to the value of proven reserve that is to be produced. The system enables the digital transfer of underlying assets value in the form of digitized value of oil.

The difference between being a leader and a self-aware leader

Lately, there have been many signs that leadership development is being flawed; an assumption rising from the fact that although people search what behaviors to change in order to become a better leader, they do not search how to change those behaviors. It is of essence therefore, to generate a discussion on leadership development focusing on the self-awareness part, the foundation to ensure good leadership.

Fuel leak reported in Yilport as container ship hits pier

The container ships ‘MSC Katyanim’, carrying the Panamanian flag, hit a pier in Yılport, Turkey, on November 19, as it was berthing. As a result of the incident, fuel leak was detected from the ship’s tank. After the leak, relevant authorities took action to prevent the leak from spreading.


Is Polar Code enough to ensure safety & environmental protection of seafarers, passengers and Arctic people?

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Following instructions vital to avoid injuries
Heavy tensioner pad falls near deck supervisor
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Glow sticks may hide chemical risks
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EU to deny citizens longer-lasting and repairable products resulting to e-waste
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IMO focuses on strategy for shipping emissions reduction at COP 24
Facility to improve safety of LNG to be created
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Port of Amsterdam trials monitoring system to explore drones
Tunisia joins EU LRIT Cooperative Data Centre
Propulsion Analytics: Unlocking the benefits of ‘Digital Twin’ concept for shipping
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Fines on LNG carriers for cargo shortages in India
MSC pays $630K for violating air quality regulation
S. Korea top court orders Mitsubishi to pay for WWII forced labour
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e waste
EU to deny citizens longer-lasting and repairable products resulting to e-waste
Sea Shepherd to scrap ‘M/Y Steve Irwin’
Australia’s Labor Party makes inquiry to improve maritime industry
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Ballpark to be created at Port of Portland’s Terminal 2
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Ten principles for global transparency in fishing industry
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Propulsion Analytics: Unlocking the benefits of ‘Digital Twin’ concept for shipping
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