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Electric boat to handle inland waterways’ and harbours’ pollution

The Waste Cleaner 66, reported to be the world’s most powerful all-electric boat designed for cleaning up pollution in inland waterways and harbors, includes technology that enables it to collect up to 700 kg (1543 lb) of solid waste and 1,000L (263 gal) of liquid waste, including hydrocarbons.

US $106M fund to keep plastic off Asia’s Ocean

The investment management firm, Circulate Capital, recently announced the first close of the US$106 million Circulate Capital Ocean Fund (CCOF), world’s first investment fund dedicated to preventing ocean plastic in South and Southeast Asia and one of the ten largest ASEAN-based Venture Capital Funds in the market.

Protesters board vessel aiming to halt oil operations

On Sunday, November 24, 30 people boarded the the Bahamas-flagged offshore support vessel, Skandi Atlantic, while it was preparing to leave the Port of Timaru in New Zealand in order to meet a drilling rig commissioned by OMV, with the aims to stop it from assisting OMV’s oil rig.

New waste collector to address pollution in rivers

A new system currently being tested by Norway’s Environmental Agency in the Akers river in Oslo seeks to tackle waste pollution issues in rivers.  Key pollution sources for rivers are domestic wastes from households and sewage, as well as disposal of plastic bags, plastic objects and solid wastes.

GI WAFAC project raises awareness on oil spill response in Africa

Although intense oil spills are limited and oil tanker accidents have been significantly reduced, the coastal nations still need to be prepared in case of urgency. During the 8th Regional Conference of the Global Initiative for West, in Cape Town, the Central and Southern Africa (GI WACAF), noted that bi-lateral and multi-lateral need to cooperate, in order to act immediate when an oil spillage shows up.  

Concerns about potential spill from abandoned tanker off India

A tanker laden with 2,800 million tonnes naphtha is floating abandoned off the Goan coast, India. There are concerns that the toxic content could spill as a strong cyclone is approaching the Arabian Sea’s Coastline. The ship has already sustained damages due to the cyclonic storm Kyarr.

Portland coast guard blocks protests against Trans Mountain Pipeline

On Monday, November 4, a law enforcement team of Portland’s Coast Guard cooperated with local law enforcement officers to remove protesters of the “Portland Rising Tide” from Port of Vancouver’s Berth 9, where the activists were hanging from hammocks trying to block the freighter Patagonia, which is carrying pipe material for the controversial Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project. 


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