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Leaking RoRo shipwreck off Sweden to be emptied of oil

The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (HaV) announced it will empty oil from the ‘Finnbirch’ shipwreck, which has been leaking oil for over a year, off Öland, posing an environmental risk for local ecosystems of the Baltic Sea. 

Scrubber malfunctions in spotlight ahead of upcoming 2020 sulphur cap

In light of scrubber malfunction issues that have arose, MEPC 74 committed to investigate the environmental impacts of EGCS liquid effluents by adding a new item on their agenda, called ‘Evaluation and harmonization of rules and guidance on the discharge of liquid effluents from EGCS into waters, including conditions and areas’, which will be evaluated on the next PPR.

SEA Europe: How to achieve sustainable shipping

SEA Europe, representing EU’s shipyards, and EU equipment manufacturers and suppliers focuses on making shipping a sustainable means of transport, by addressing today’s barriers and proposing ways on achieving the sustainable goals set.

A 6% of all fishing nets lost at sea annually

A 6% of all fishing nets, 9% of all traps, and 29% of all lines are lost or discarded into the oceans each year, researchers said in a world’s first global estimate of commercial fishing gear losses into the oceans, according to data provided by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO.

Canada invests in recycling solutions for fibreglass

The Government of Canada, is investing into a variety of options to recycle and dispose boats made of fibreglass, aiming to protect Canada’s land and waterways from plastic waste and marine litter. Transport Canada proposed to Canadian small and medium-sized businesses to lead innovative solutions for recycling or reusing fibreglass.

Oil spill prevention activities for Pacific expanded

An IMO-supported international centre responsible for coordinating efforts to prevent oil spills and protect the marine environment in the north-west Pacific Ocean is to expand its areas of work, following a high-level meeting in Seoul on 28-30 August. 


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