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Plastic entanglement poses great risks to sharks and rays, study says

According to a study conducted by the University of Exeter scientists, hundreds of sharks and rays have become tangled in plastic waste in the world’s oceans. The study highlights that more than 1,000 species have been found entangled and it is said that the number is to be far higher.

Carnival commits to minimize single-use plastics by end of 2021

Carnival Corporation revealed plans to significantly eliminate its purchase and consumption of non-essential single-use plastics across its nine global cruise line brands by the end of 2021. The decision is part of an expansion of Operation Oceans Alive, the corporation’s program to sustain environmental compliance.

Barcelona to limit cruise calls

According to the Guardian, Ada Colau, Barcelona’s mayor, promised to restrict the number of cruise ships calling the city ports. She believes that the limitations will decrease pollution in the city. The mayor continued that the limits proposed are set to reduce pollution in the city, where air quality regularly exceeds World Health Organization limits for nitrogen oxide and PM10 particulates.

USCG responds to three tugboats sinking on Illinois River

The Coast Guard reported that three vessels sunk on the Illinois River near Hardin, Illinois, Sunday, July 7. According to the coastguard’s statement, the sinking boats were holding about 4,850 gallons of diesel and oil.

Market sees charging cables made from ghost fishing nets

The Swedish company Le Cord launched a collection of Apple-certified charging cables, for specifically iPhones, which were made from ghost fishing nets. According to the company, these are the world’s only Apple MFI certified charge and sync cable made of recycled ocean fishing net plastics. 

Alaska’s Governor stops funding for cruise ships inspectors

Alaska’s Gov. Mike Dunleavy eliminated funding for on board cruise ship inspectors. The Ocean Rangers program was established by a ballot initiative and is paid by cruise ship passengers. As the Governor said, there are other mechanisms to ensure environmental conservation.

Partners to turn collected non-recyclable plastic waste to fuel

Partners collaborated in order to remove the non-recyclable plastics from the North Sea and deliver it, after conversion, as a clean transportation fuel to the CIV Texel fishing fleet. The agreement stated that the participating fishermen will take all non-recyclable plastic waste from their fishing nets to shore.

Nike trainers threat the marine environment washing up on beaches

BBC highlighted the hazardous environmental impact of containers falling overboard, even when they are empty. The discussion focused on ‘Maersk Shanghai’ container vessel that sank in 2018 and the majority of the containers it was transferring were lost in sea.

Ocean Cleanup restarts operations

The Ocean Cleanup announced that it will re-deploy the revamped System 001/B last week. Specifically, the system is scheduled to arrive at the test scene on June 25. The system halted operations as it faced a couple of challenges. 

Canadian oil tanker moratorium act sees Royal Assent

Canada’s Minister of transport, Marc Garneau, announced that the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act (Bill C-48) has received Royal Assent. According to the Act, oil tankers transferring crude and persistent oils as cargo from stopping, loading or unloading at ports or marine installations in northern British Columbia. The Act aims to protect, to some level, the area’s marine ecosystems, which are vulnerable to the developing marine shipping.


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