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Victoria Lake trash turned to eco-friendly boat treasure

James Kateeba, former tour guide in Luzira, Uganda, has created a beautiful, eco-friendly passenger vessel using plastic waste bottles. His creation was a combined effort to clean the waste in Lake Victoria and show the world an eco-friendly alternative for creating floating vessels by recycling waste. Also, the boat could be an example of a sustainable business like a floating restaurant and bar that could be unmoored to drift for pleasure.

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5 ways that ships threaten marine ecosystems

While several landmark agreements have been put into force over the years to minimize the impact of shipping activity to the natural environment, the vast presence of shipping makes some of these impacts hard to eliminate. Shipping traffic has increased 300% in the past two decades, with some of the world’s busiest shipping routes overlapping with marine life habitats, according to WWF. What does this mean for marine ecosystems?

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What is the biggest obstacle for the social life onboard?

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