In 2017, BS MoU member Authorities conducted a total of 5,112 inspections, representing 0.9% increase as compared with 5,066 initial inspections in 2016. The regional inspection rate is 71.1% which is 1.3% increase as compared with 2016.


  • A total of 21,006 deficiencies were recorded during PSC inspections in 2017.
  • Majority of the deficiencies found upon inspection in 2017 were related to:

    -->safety of navigation (16.4%),
    -->life saving appliances (13.3%),
    -->fire safety measures (10.4%) and
    -->health protection, medical care, social security (9.1%).

These four categories make up 49.2% of the total deficiencies found.

  • International Safety Management (ISM) related issues accounted for 7.59% of all detainable deficiencies in the 2017 reporting period which is 0.68% decrease compared with 2016. This area remains a significant concern and the BS MOU continues to scrutinize vessels coming into region for weaknesses in their Safety Management Systems.
  • Number of ISM related detainable deficiencies were 535 which accounted for 2.55% of the deficiencies, 359 marine pollution MARPOL Annex I related deficiencies observed accounting 1.75% of the total deficiencies.
  • A total 962 detainable deficiencies and 89 RO related detainable deficiencies were recorded.
  • 4.7% of total deficiencies in 2017 were detainable deficiencies, 9.2% of detainable deficiencies in 2017 were RO related.
  • Majority of the detainable deficiencies found upon inspections in 2017 were related to:

    -->safety of navigation (14.0%),
    -->emergency systems (13.7%)
    -->lifesaving appliances (13.0%), followed by
    -->fire safety measures (12.5%), and
    -->ISM (7.6%).

These five categories make up 60.8% of the total detainable deficiencies found in 2017:

  • Majority of the RO related detainable deficiencies found upon inspection in 2017 were related to

    -->structural conditions (20.2%),
    -->life saving appliances (20.2%),
    -->fire safety (12.4%), followed by
    -->emergency systems (10.1%) and
    -->ship certificates (7.9%).These five categories make up 70.8% of the total RO related detainable deficiencies found.


  • The overall detention percentage in the region was 4.52% in 2016; in 2017 it increased up to 5.54% as a per cent of inspections, rather than the number of individual ships inspected to take into account that many ships are detained more than once during any one year.
  • Regional detention rate (percentage of number of individual ships inspected) is 5.75% which is higher than 5.66% in 2016.
  • The number of ships detained in 2017 for deficiencies clearly hazardous to safety, health or environmental amounted to 283. It compares with the number of detained 229 in 2016, 218 in 2015.
  • Number of inspections increased 46 (0.9%), total number of detentions increased 23.6% which resulted 1.02% increase in detention percentage in 2017.

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