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Paris MoU, Tokyo MoU: No exception on implementation of fuel carriage ban

Paris and Tokyo MoUs announced that the awareness among ships’ crews regarding the 2020 sulphur cap proved to be high, so emphasis is now placed on the fuel carriage ban requirements entering into force on 1st March 2020. Both Memoranda agreed that the requirements will be applied without exception. 

Paris MoU aims to balanced inspections throughout ports

Paris MoU aspires to balance its inspections and their outcome in line with the upcoming 2020 sulphur cap; Yet, Carien Droppers, Deputy Secretary General at Paris MoU commented to BIMCO that the inspections often face challenges in ensuring that the results are identical in every port.

USCG: Guide to marine equipment approvals by a mutual recognition agreement

The USCG issued a circular providing guidance on the agreements between the US, the European Community and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), which are included in the  European Economic Area (EEA) on the Mutual Recognition of Certificates of Conformity for Marine Equipment as allowed by Title 46 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) subpart 159.003.

USCG alerts on unwearable PFDs

The Inspections and Compliance Directorate published a Marine Safety Alert, informing of potentially dangerous circumstances involving Cal-June Jim Buoy Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs), as following inspections to different vessels, the USCG found a significant number of Type I PFDs that were not wearable if needed during an emergency. 

Ukraine establishes new procedures for taking ecological samples of water

As the Britannia P&I Club informs, the Government of Ukraine has now published the full text of the Regulation on Inspection, Taking Samples of Water and Conducting its Analysis and which came into force on 5 September 2019. The regulations establish the procedures to be followed when taking ballast water samples.

Ukraine stops Ecological Inspection service

According to the Standard Club, its correspondent Dias Marine Consulting reports that the Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers has abolished the Ecological Inspection Service. It is to be replaced with the State Environmental Service. The new service is expected to begin operating in early September.

Russian Register extends cooperation with Cyprus

The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping signed a new agreement with the Maritime Administration of Cyprus, expanding the scope of authority delegated to the Russian Maritime Register for the inspection of ships flying the flag of Cyprus. 

Ukraine: Ecological inspections temporarily halted

Ukraine has temporarily stopped State Ecological Inspection attending vessels in Ukrainian ports for two months, according to Ukrainian P&I correspondents Dias Marine Consulting. The inspections have been halted up to around 21st September 2019. 

Dubai Customs seize 274,000 ‘Jihadists pills’

Dubai Customs seized 274,000 Captagon pills, halting a drug smuggling attempt. According to the Customs, Captagon is said to be the ‘amphetamine fueling Syria’s war’ or the ‘Jihadists’ drug.’ The smuggles had hidden the drugs in the fuel tank of their vessel, believing that inspectors will not search in that hot spot of the vessel near the engine which can reach up to 60 degrees Celsius. 


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