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Vessel with 18 deficiencies detained in Marina di Carrara

According to Paris MoU, the general cargo ‘Virile’ arrived at Marina di Carrara in Italy, on March 6, 2019, to load cargo, such as marble blocks, harvesters and other agricultural vehicles, bulldozers, etc. The vessel was expected to departure on March 14.

Paris MoU detains vessel in port of Neapolis, Greece

According to Paris MoU, the M/V Tok Tok vessel, with Samoa Flag, arrived at the port of Neapolis, Greece, on January 28,2018, because of a M/E malfunction. The vessel was not listed in the ‘Thetis’ system, most probably as it have never been inspected and hadn’t called a Paris MoU port.

Paris MoU: Results of CIC on MARPOL Annex VI

The Paris MoU published results of its Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on MARPOL Annex VI between 1 September and 30 November 2018. The overall detention rate was 0.2% for CIC-topic deficiency rate (average number of deficiencies reported per inspection), which is a satisfactory result, Paris MoU said.

How ship inspections work and their possible consequences

Ship inspections are crucial for ensuring compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention, and therefore, decent living and working conditions for seafarers. Rear Admiral Luigi Giardino of the Italian Coast Guard explains how such inspections are carried out and what their consequences might be.

Isle of Man: PSC figures in 2018

The Isle of Man Ship Registry issued its annual report, presenting data provided by the Registry’s Port State Control (PSC) activity throughout 2018. The report noted a total of nine detentions of Isle of Man vessels during 2018. Less than a third of vessel inspections resulted in reported deficiencies.

Black Sea MoU: Ship detentions decreased in 2018

The Black Sea MoU issued its annual PSC report, noting a a detention percentage of 5.33% in 2018. A total of 278 detentions were warranted to ships found with serious deficiencies, representing an 1.77% decrease as compared with 283 detentions in 2017.

Black Sea MoU: Preliminary results of CIC on MARPOL Annex VI

The Black Sea MoU issued preliminary results on CIC on MARPOL Annex VI, conducted by PSC officers in the Black Sea MoU region from 1 September to 30 November 2018. The overall average per cent of non-conformities was 6.62 which means that “unsatisfactory” answer was given to a question on 6.62 % of occasions. 

Subcharter M towing vessels should implement health and safety plan

According to the USCG, the Towing Vessel National Centre of Expertise launched a bulletin to remind towing vessel owners and operators of a 46 CFR Subchapter M implementation milestone that is quickly approaching. There is no requirement to issue to the USCG or TPO the HSP for approval; Yet, the plan is to be reviewed during inspections and audits. 

Korean Register appoints Gabon to proceed to vessel inspections

The Korea Shipowner’s Association (KR) announced that the International Shipping Registry of Gabon has been advised to conduct inspections of vessels and issue certificates according to international agreements. In the future, Korean Register of Shipping will provide more rapid and satisfactory service to customers through more foreign agency inspection inspection orders and contribute to safety at sea.


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