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USCG: Work instruction for laid up inspected/examined vessels

The USCG Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance published Work Instruction CVC-WI-018(1), “Laid up Inspected/Examined Vessels”, outlining the process of laying up inspected and examined commercial vessels to provide greater consistency and continuity between Captain of the Port Zones. 

Riyadh MoU annual PSC report: Ship detentions increase in 2019

Riyadh MoU issued its annual PSC report, recording a slight drop of 0.22% in the number of inspections, but an increase of 16.12% on the number of inspections with deficiencies as well as an increase of 39.13% in the number of detentions through 2019.

USCG domestic report: 111 Flag State detentions in 2019

USCG issued its 2019 Flag State Control Domestic Annual Report, summarizing statistics regarding inspections and enforcement of regulations on US-flagged vessels. The number of vessel inspections increased by 1,423 and the average number of deficiencies identified per inspection increased from 1.26 to 1.48 in 2019.

Remote surveys on the rise: Pros and Cons

The COVID-19 pandemic has forcefully shown the importance of digitalization and new technologies within the shipping industry, with remote surveys already taking place. Yet, as the industry is now entering the digital world, the challenges are obvious, forcing the maritime sector to rapidly adapt to the smart era.

USCG conducts recurrent inspections

The US Coast Guard reminds mariners and companies that they conduct recurrent inspections and also issued guidance to address emergency preparedness.

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