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UK MCA reports of five new detentions during June 2020

The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) announced that nine foreign flagged ships remained under detention in UK ports during June 2020 after failing port state control (PSC) inspection, while there were five new detentions.

Riyadh MoU annual PSC report: Ship detentions increase in 2019

Riyadh MoU issued its annual PSC report, recording a slight drop of 0.22% in the number of inspections, but an increase of 16.12% on the number of inspections with deficiencies as well as an increase of 39.13% in the number of detentions through 2019.

Paris MoU annual PSC report: Ship detentions drop to 526 in 2019

The Paris MoU has published its 2019 Annual PSC Report, revealing a decrease in detention percentage to 2.94% (from 3.17%). The number of detainable deficiencies has decreased again to 2,995 from 3,250 in 2018. ISM was the main detainable deficiency area in 2019.  

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