New report presents skills gaps in the maritime sector

The only part of the maritime sector with pressing short-term issues which hinder growth is the building side of the marine leisure sector, according to a new report by the UK Maritime Skills Commission (MSC).

”Hithhiking seeds” at refrigerated shipping containers pose risk, researchers say

Seeds that float in the air can hitchhike in unusual places – like the air-intake grille of a refrigerated shipping container. This is the finding of a team of researchers from the USDA Forest Service, Arkansas State University, and other organizations, from a study that involved vacuuming seeds from air-intake grilles over two seasons at the Port of Savannah, Georgia.

Maritime NZ updates COVID-19 guidance

Following the pandemic situation, Maritime NZ updated its COVID-19 guidance for the maritime industry, port supply chain and transport operators.

BP Energy Outlook 2020: Energy consumption shifts away from fossil fuels by 2050

In the main scenarios of this year’s BP Energy Outlook, global energy demand continues to grow for at least part of ‎the period to 2050. However, over this time, the structure of energy demand fundamentally ‎shifts, with a declining role for fossil fuels offset by an increasing share for renewable energy ‎and a growing role for electricity. ‎Decisive policy measures, such as significant increases in carbon prices, are needed to ‎deliver a lasting reduction in emissions from energy use.‎

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