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Riyadh MoU annual PSC report: Ship detentions increase in 2019

Riyadh MoU issued its annual PSC report, recording a slight drop of 0.22% in the number of inspections, but an increase of 16.12% on the number of inspections with deficiencies as well as an increase of 39.13% in the number of detentions through 2019.

Paris MoU annual PSC report: Ship detentions drop to 526 in 2019

The Paris MoU has published its 2019 Annual PSC Report, revealing a decrease in detention percentage to 2.94% (from 3.17%). The number of detainable deficiencies has decreased again to 2,995 from 3,250 in 2018. ISM was the main detainable deficiency area in 2019.  

Black Sea MoU annual PSC report: 212 ship detentions in 2019

Black Sea MoU issued its annual PSC report recording a total of 212 detentions through 2019, with a detention percentage of 3.51%, which represents a 0.25% decrease compared to 283 detentions in 2018. Safety of navigation accounted for the majority of operational deficiencies in 2019. 

Tokyo MoU annual PSC report: Ship detentions increase in 2019

In its annual PSC report for 2019, Tokyo MoU informed of 983 ships detentions with detention rate at 3.13%. Tokyo MoU has recorded a total of 73,393 deficiencies, mostly related to fire safety measures, life-saving appliances and safety of navigation. 

USCG Domestic PSC Report: Key findings during 2018

In April 2018, the Department of Homeland Security of USCG released its annual report concerning the PSC performance of U.S. flagged vessels. The report includes deficiency and detention rates for each type of inspected vessel, as well as performance metrics for Recognized Organizations that perform work on the Coast Guard’s behalf.

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