Specifically, the port is involved with these two ships in the form of a loan. The Sendo Liners are inventive hybrid container ships; They produce less emissions, they consume less fuel and have more cargo space. The port is making efforts in achieving an emissions-reduction in line with the upcoming 2020 sulphur cap and the Paris Agreement goal. 

The two vessels will commence operations in earlt 2020; For the time being, 32% is saved on fuel consumption and 40% on CO2 emissions per transported container.


In cooperation with the Sendo Liners, the Port wishes to be more active in the development of a greener, cleaner and more sustainable future of shipping.

Also, future developments on the drive were also taken into account when building the Sendo Liners. The vessels have a modular design, meaning that adjustments can be made very easily and quickly. For example, the diesel drive can be replaced by a fully electric drive or a hydrogen-based drive.