EU’s biggest hydrogen plant to be constructed in Rotterdam

In the three years following, Europe’s biggest green hydrogen plant preparations will take place in the Port of Rotterdam, as hydrogen will lead the energy transition system. Water is the only residual product of hydrogen; Yet, up to now hydrogen can be maintained by converting natural gas at high temperatures which led to CO2 release, as well. 

New tools help companies reduce emissions in freight transport

Smart Freight Centre and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development released the Smart Freight Procurement Guidelines, and BSR released the Sustainable Freight Procurement Framework. These tools seek to enable organizations to reduce GHG emissions and air pollutants through their freight transport.  

UN launches 2019 Sustainable Development Goals report

The UN launched the ‘Sustainable Development Goals 2019’ focusing on the progress that has been made from the day that the 2030 Agenda was set; The report answers whether, being 10 years away from 2030, makes the world ready to deal with sustainability and changes and whether the 13 SDGs have been achieved.

Project eyes sustainable heat using sources from Port of Rotterdam

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy is moving forward with a project aimed to deliver sustainable heat to households in and around The Hague and the greenhouse horticulture sector in the Westland region, by using residual heat from sources in the Port of Rotterdam. 

Cruise ship to be equipped with sustainable waste disposal solution

Wärtsilä informed that it will supply and install an Auto Gasification solution for the ‘Regal Princess’, a Princess Cruises vessel. This technology aims to enable the safe disposal of waste from the ship through a self-fueling thermal decomposition unit.

Energy trends that we expect in 2019

While a 100% renewable society is becoming a reality for many, others are making serious commitments towards adopting clean energy. For this reason, Wartsila presents some of the trends for 2019, which could lead the world closer towards clean energy.


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