Specifically, Anne-Sophie Zerlang Karlsen, head of global reefer management at Maersk noted that the company aspires that the RCM will become users' favourite smartphone application.

Also, Captain Peter will be responsible for some of this complexity, by engaging with the customer from end to end in the supply chain.


Yet, there's a lot of paperwork and difficult processes in global trade.

Mainly, in the beginning Captain Peter will follow some simple rules, sending up-to-date information via customers’ preferred channel, for example, SMS or email, on container temperature and atmosphere conditions, as well as a timeline on its end-to-end journey.

In the possibility that the shipments are delayed, Captain Peter will notify the customer.

Moreover, the Captain will check the state of the container and update the customer, once the container arrives to its destination.

When the customer receives information for their package, if there are any issues detected, the customer can alert his supplier or have the shipment checked by local surveyors.

Concluding, Karlsen reported that the number of users is growing.