Oman inaugurates e-navigational charts

According to the Times of Oman, the National Hydrographic Office (NHO) of the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) inaugurated the Omani e-navigational charts, following the development of digitalization in the shipping sector.

Konecranes to deliver automated RTG systems to Yilport

Konecranes and Yilport announced that inked a contract for the delivery of automated RTG systems to three of Yilport’s European container ports. Specifically, the order was booked back in December 2019 and concerns the following container terminals: Yilport’s Gävle in Sweden, Liscont and Leixões in Portugal. 

UK MCA to use technology to monitor commercial fishing compliance to ILO 188

The UK Maritime CoastGuard Agency (UK MCA) began monitoring the country’s commercial fishing industry and compliance with ILO 188, assisted by technological means to monitor the situation. UK MCA highlights that commercial fishing is the most dangerous profession, with totally seven lives lost in 2019.

ICC teams up with Singapore boosting digitalization in commerce

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is collaborating with the Singapore Government and additional firms to fasten the adoption of digital technologies in trade and commerce, following the rapid development of digitalization in the shipping industry.

South Korean shipbuilders head towards smart ships

The South Korean shipbuilding sector is moving towards smart shipping, joining projects that include Industry 4.0 technologies, aiming to new smart ships that will achieve fuel cost reduction, autonomous navigation and long-distance remote control operations.

EU grants $20 million for autonomous ships project

The European research program “Horizon 2020” funded 20.1 million euros to the Norwegian consortium led by Kongsberg and SINTEF, for its autonomous ships project, one of the largest grands the Norwegian players ever receive.

Watch: Shipping through e-navigation

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA Singapore) published a video providing information on how e-navigation enables safe, secure, efficient and sustainable shipping in the global maritime community, presenting the “Digital Trader” vessel sailing from Norway to Singapore.

Drones: From trials to world’s first Drone Safety Standards

The era of digitalization has made room for Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles to take place and become a powerful tool for ports and the overall shipping industry, playing a major role in a variety of ‘shipping duties’, such as surveillance, safety, accident and pollution reporting, representing the importance of technology in shipping.


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