Saudi Customs eyes the first blockchain shipment to Rotterdam

Saudi Customs, in light of their partnership with TradeLens, experienced the arrival of their first shipment powered by the blockchain technology. The shipment left from the Dammam Port in Saudi Arabia bound for Rotterdam while its data and documents were handled by all parties to the shipment on a national single window, FASAH.

Shipping industry faces technological advances

The Global Maritime Forum focuses on emerging technologies arising in the shipping industry, along with the explosion of data sources, from weather systems, ship movements and supply chains to Augmented Reality navigation for very large crude carriers. With the technology, shipping provides new insights concerning the benefits but also the dangers in the shipping industry.

Hackers now attack antivirus companies

Advanced Intelligence published a report revealing that three US-based antivirus software vendors have been breached, and a high-profile collective of Russian hackers is claiming responsibility. Specifically, Fxmsp is a hacking collective that has operated in various top-tier Russian- and English-speaking underground communities since 2017. They are known for targeting corporate and government networks worldwide.

How digitalization affects the energy sector

DNV GL published the ‘Digitalization and the future of energy’ report, focusing on what’s the meaning of digitalization, how it affects the energy sector and where can it add most value for society and individual organisations. 

DNV GL and NTU Singapore partner for 3D printing advances

DNV GL and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, are supporting academic advances in additive manufacturing, the process of 3D printing – for the maritime, oil and gas and other industries, through a four-year research collaboration agreement. The research collaboration will focus on developing industry standards, quality assurance processes, certification and supply chain tracking for the additive manufacturing sector.

Tesla effect threatens the oil industry

According to CNN, the development of automation and Tesla are a great threat to the oil industry. The passenger vehicles are the number 1 source of demanding oil; the future transportation, though, might no longer need gas station.

KVH sells Videotel for $90 million

KVH Industries announced that it has sold its maritime training business, the Videotel group of companies, to an affiliate of Oakley Capital for a base purchase price of $90 million. The sale was completed immediately upon execution of definitive agreements. The company will invest in the development and commercialization of our photonic integrated chip technology for use in autonomous vehicles and other commercial and military platforms.

New partnership aims to boost cybersecurity in shipping

Aon PLC, a services firm providing cybersecurity solutions, is partnering with HudsonCyber, a division of HudsonAnalytix, Inc. of Camden, New Jersey, to provide cybersecurity capability assessment, integrated cyber breach response, and mitigation support to the global marine industry.

MPA Singapore to test Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

MPA Singapore warned that it will test an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. The operation will take place north of Small Craft Anchorage ‘A’. The testing will occur from 13 May 2019 to 17 May 2019. A safety boat will also be in attendance at all times to warn and re-direct craft in the vicinity to keep clear of the working area.