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Shipping decarbonization: Three key elements to move forward

In an exclusive interview with SAFETY4SEA during SMM 2018, Mr. Eirik Nyhus, Director, Environment, International Regulatory Affairs, DNV GL notes that electrification is going to be a key element to move forward the sustainability space. Definitely decarbonization is the number one challenge for the industry, Mr. Nyhus comments, citing three key elements to accelerate pace. He concludes that climate change is the key driver for more action, meaning that policy makers ‘have to actually start today’ and not wait till 2023!

Maritime ready to ride on Internet of Things 

The 4th Industrial Revolution does happen in almost every sector including transportation – where it creates queries with respect to how maritime is investing in Internet of Things or whether the industry has the right skills for IoT adoption.   

Drivers of the 4th Industrial Revolution in maritime industry

Earlier this month Inmarsat revealed Fleet Data, an Internet of Things (IoT) service, which will help accelerate the adoption of IoT across the maritime industry. The 4rth Industrial Revolution is here and may  make the world look like science fiction moviesof the 80s and 90s.

SMM 2018 opens doors to global shipping community

All set for SMM 2018, the  international maritime trade fair which will take place in Hamburg, Germany 4-7 September, focusing on smart shipping challenges as the theme of this year ”Trends in SMMart Shipping” reveals. SAFETY4SEA Team is heading to Hamburg to keep you in the loop with the latest trends and developments in automation, digitalisation and disruptive technologies.

7 tips for successful public speaking

Shipping industry offers many opportunities for public speaking, either in a team meeting or at industry events, conferences, webinars and podcasts. Which are, however, the tips towards a better public speaking?

How can augmented reality improve shipping industry

Digitalisation and new technologies are transforming the marine industry, as they increase efficiency and flexibility. One of these technologies, augmented reality, can be used for many different tasks, speeding up troubleshooting and simplifying inspections.

Building a digital culture in maritime industry

Shipping industry is currently facing a new challenge; a complex one that is called “digital transformation”. But how do ship operators face this challenge and take advantage of it, in order to make their organisation fit for the future?

Best practices towards a more sustainable shipping industry

New technologies offer the potential for radical improvements in shipping efficiency, the market is totally changing, fuel costs are rising and becoming less predictable than used to be. However, shipping industry weathers the storm implementing sustainable best practices.


Do you think the presence of crew onboard vessels will always be essential for shipboard operations?

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Alerts Casualties Loss Prevention Maritime Health Regulation Safety Seafarers Security
main engine
Main engine reduced to idle speed after control module failure
Unplanned deployment of free fall lifeboat alongside vessel
ferry capsizing in tanzania
Dozens dead from ferry capsizing in Tanzania
Arctic Ballast Emissions Fuels Green Shipping Pollution Ship Recycling Technology
k line
K Line to use various measures to comply with 2020 sulphur cap
promote LNG
Partner trio team up to promote LNG as a fuel
lr aip to hhi
LR grants AiP to HHI for LPG VLGC design
Connectivity Cyber Security E-navigation Energy Efficiency Maritime Software Smart
automation skills
How to survive in the automation skills market 
autonomous ships
Key advantages and disadvantages of ship autonomy
ABP to use blockchain to improve port connectivity
CIC Detentions Fines PSC Focus Vetting
Stolt disagrees with Flaminia ruling
Court found MSC not liable for Flaminia fire
ilo fishing convention
Crew was beaten on the first fishing vessel detained under ILO
CSR Shipping Sustainability Women in shipping
president of iumi
Richard Turner elected President of IUMI
shipping emissions
Shipping decarbonization: Three key elements to move forward
us panama deal
US, Panama ink maritime transportation agreement
Finance Fishery Infographic Maritime Knowledge Offshore Ports Reports Shipbuilding Short Sea Yachting
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Seven career paths to choose in oil and gas
marine cargo insurance
IUMI: Outlook for marine cargo insurance remain challenging
UK: Four scenarios of a no-deal Brexit
autonomous ships
Key advantages and disadvantages of ship autonomy
engine room hot spots
Hidden engine room hot spots
shipping emissions
Shipping decarbonization: Three key elements to move forward
Career Paths: John Jorgensen, ABS