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Millennials to account for 75% of global workforce by 2025

According to Allianz, by as early as 2025, as much as 75% of the global workforce could be millennials, bringing a whole new set of demands and expectations on the modern workplace. What is most important, is the fact that they will also bring new digital skills and tech savviness that will be critical to transforming business.

Automation will boost jobs despite replacing them, report says

As the BBC reports, more than 20 million manufacturing jobs on a global scale are to be replaced by 2030, based on Oxford Economics’ analysis. Although many will be the people to be displaced from the jobs, the developing automation will also boost jobs and economic growth.

To achieve digitalization the industry should be re-invented, Wallem CEO says

LR’s James Forsdky Asia Vice President – Hong Kong and Taiwan discussed with Wallem CEO, Frank Coles, about digitalization and the future of the shipping industry. Mr Cole explains that the shipping industry has to adapt to a new attitude to fully embrace digitalization and follow in the successful footsteps of the nuclear, aviation and aerospace industries.

Shipping experts discuss decarbonisation and technology

During ABS’ event in Athens, representatives from the Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Chevron Shipping Company and Clarkson Research Services, gathered to discuss the role technology plays in the shipping industry and the path to IMO 2050.

Watch: Skills development vital for green transition

The video, issued by ILO, attempts to explain how skills development measures are instrumental in reaping the benefits of potential job creation in new green economic activities and in addressing the social challenges in shifting to more sustainable models of energy generation, production and consumption across sectors. 

Hellenic American Maritime Forum, Day 1: Technology to shake up maritime industry

The first day of the inaugural Hellenic American Maritime Forum was successfully concluded on Wednesday 29th of May, at Megaron Athens, The Banqueting Hall. The aim of this two-day event, for which SAFETY4SEA and SHIPPINGInsight collaborated, is to bring together the Hellenic American Maritime Stakeholders to exchange views and ideas towards a safer shipping industry.

Digitalization on the way for shipping: Are we ready?

Do you think the entire shipping industry will be completely digitalized by 2025? is the question posed by SAFETY4SEA, in our latest online poll in which the majority of our readers (63%) answered negatively, although the industry has recently witnessed a number of innovative and disruptive technologies.

Big data, automation and digitalization are the future

Sea Asia 2019 day two closed with a panel where the participants talked about fleet management of the future and explored how shipowners will adopt digitalization to truly optimise their fleet operations. The panel concluded in acknowledging that the future of fleet management is in digitalization, transparency and collaboration.


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