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Marlink to boost IT network transparency

Marlink released a new version of its ITLINK software, which aims to boost transparency in monitoring the status of IT networks onboard ships. In fact, the monitoring tool goals to enable administrators view the IT system status and availability, while provide visibility on compliance with regulatory and charterer requirements.

Maersk launches updated virtual assistant

Maersk launched its updated Remote Container Management (RCM) platform, along with Captain Peter, the updated virtual assistance, which is able to alert customers when needed and keeps an eye on containers’ condition.

Fleet planning software improves Hapag Lloyd’s operations

Hapag Lloyd announced that they will use a fleet planning software to improve their fleet managing operations and make the workflows between the voyage control and execution easier to manage, improving the operations not only for the company, but for the customers as well.

NYK to develop software that assists berthing

NYK partners with Monohakobi Technology Institute (MTI) and Japan Marine Science (JMS) to develop a system that assists with vessel berthing. The patent helps a vessel to be easily controlled and also visualizes the challenges in the berthing operation to decrease the burden on the operator and mitigate accidents caused by human factors.

Software development security important in shipping industry

A software development security is of a big importance for the shipping sector nowadays, as the cyber attacks and threats seem to be increasing and shipping companies are facing challenges on how to deal with cyber activity. Software development security is an activity to grow and operate secure software through a series of security activities that are carried out at each stage of software development by removing security weaknesses.

Captain Peter guides Maersk customers

Maersk is introducing Captain Peter, in 2019’s Fruit Logistica in Berlin, a virtual assistant on the company’s Remote Container Management (RCM) platform. In the first half of 2019, Maersk will release the new platform with a revamped design and new product features which will be enhanced by this new virtual assistant, Captain Peter. For the time being, a group of select customers is being tested, as well as improvements on the technical sector in order to simplify processes integrated into the RCM platform.

Port Insight enables users to follow barges online

Port Insight that started on November 20, is a collaboration between Port of Rotterdam Authority and TWTG, that focuses in the development of I-IoT solutions. Port Insight is developing the new service with which barges can be tracked across a large part of Europe. The service will be operational for the first clients in early 2019. 

Cyber security challenges to look out

As 2019 begins, there are some important areas concerning cyber security that the ones interested should focus on, according to Silicon Republic’s Ellen Tannam. Those in the industry may view it more as a future filled with potential threats and attack vectors to worry about. 

IACS: Efficient control of software dependent systems

IACS published 9 of its 12 recommendations on cyber safety, in order to facilitate the delivery of cyber resilient ships, in order to maintain their resilient throughout their working lives. The first report recommended procedures for software maintenance of shipboard equipment and systems. The second one focuses on control of software dependent systems.

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