This PSC Annual report covers the period between 1st January and 31st December 2019:

Ship inspections

During this period, the BS MoU member authorities conducted a total of 6,036 inspections, onboard 5,637 individual ships registered by 78 flag Administrations.

The number of inspections in 2019 (6,036) increased, representing slight 15.6% increase as compared with 5,214 initial inspections in 2018.

The regional inspection rate is 75.31% which is 7.26% decease as compared with 2018.


Ship detentions

A total of 212 detentions were warranted to ships found with serious deficiencies. This represents a detention percentage of 3.51% which is 0.25% decrease as compared with 283 detentions in 2018.


Ship deficiencies

During 2019 a total of 19,422 deficiencies were recorded. The average number of deficiencies per inspection was 3.22.

Majority of the deficiencies found upon inspection in 2019 were related to safety of navigation (15.1%), life saving appliances (13.8%), health protection, medical care, social security (9.7%) and fire safety measures (9.7%).

Number of ISM related detainable deficiencies were 544 which accounted for 2.54 per cent of the deficiencies, 256 marine pollution MARPOL Annex I related deficiencies observed accounting 1.19 per cent of the total deficiencies.

A total 948 detainable deficiencies and 46 RO related detainable deficiencies were recorded during the port State control inspections. 4.4 per cent of total deficiencies in 2019 were detainable deficiencies, 4.8 per cent of detainable deficiencies in 2019 were RO related.

Majority of the detainable deficiencies found upon inspections in 2019 were related to emergency systems (15,8%), fire safety (15.8%), safety of navigation (14.9%), lifesaving appliances (12.6%), and ISM (8,7%). These five categories make up 67.8% of the total detainable deficiencies found in 2019.

Majority of the RO related detainable deficiencies found upon inspection in 2019 were related to structural condition (33.3%), fire safety (15.2%), structural condition (23.9%), life saving appliance (12.1%), emergency systems (9.1%) and followed by ship certificates (3.0%). These five categories make up 72,7% of the total RO related detainable deficiencies found.

Thereby this area remains a significant concern and the BS MoU continues to scrutinize vessels coming into region for weaknesses in their Safety Management Systems.


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