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A coherent approach to safety and performance in maritime industries: the importance of near misses

Safety and performance are often perceived as conflicting aspects of shipping. In the aftermath of an untoward event, typical safety interventions or fixes bring about more stringent procedures or more procedures, retraining, replacement of people, and changes to work conditions, argue Professor Andy Smith, School of Psychology, Cardiff University, and Dr Romanas Puisa, Thales Group.

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And the band played on…..

The verdict is now out and the sentence issued in the Wakashio incident. The events do not make for comfortable reading; “closing the coast to get a Wi-Fi signal”, “lookout released to attend a birthday party”, master admits to drinking “moderately” , another pristine island’s coastline damaged by pollution and the total loss of a ship. An incident that has cast shame on our industry, writes Capt. Mark Bull, FNI, Principal, Trafalgar Navigation Limited.

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Paris MoU PSC Report 2020

The Paris MoU issued its annual PSC report recording a 27% decrease in the number of inspections in 2020: from almost 18,000 in recent years to 13,148. The detention percentage of 2.81% has decreased only slightly (2.96% in 2019) but the number of detentions has decreased significantly from 531 in 2019 to 369 in 2020. 

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