The booklet is Club’s fourth publication,  part of a series of comic pamphlets for Members dealing with matters of safety, protection of the marine environment and maritime security.


A safety management system is proven and essential tool for achieving loss prevention success for both international shipping under the International Safety Management (ISM) Code and U.S. inland waterway operators and on non-compulsory vessels under the U.S. Code of Federal Regulation Subchapter M, towing vessels safety management system option for compliance.

Namely, the booklet is expected, to assist operators with safety management system training onboard and be utilized as a refresher tool for seafarers and shore staff anticipating an ISM Code or Subchapter M audit The American Club notes.

The Club highlights that by using the ISM Code as the framework, a SMS is developed incorporating company safety policies and procedures. The SMS must be kept onboard in an accessible format. Among others, the SMS ensures that crewmembers are receiving regular training through drills and exercises and can respond effectively to a fire, abandon ship, man overboard or other potential shipboard emergencies.

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